Executive Mentoring

Paul Scheele mentors leaders to develop and transform within while executing organizational strategies.

Executive Mastery is an Extraordinary Achievement

Mastering an executive role takes expertise in leadership, communication, problem-solving, and developing individuals.

Paul believes when executives intentionally develop their internal world, they transform as a leaders in the outer world, expanding their ability to make valuable contributions to their organization and community.

Mentorship for a Multitude of Industries

Paul mentors executives in manufacturing, training, healthcare, community development, service industries, hospitality industries, finance, sales, and government. Entrepreneurs from a wide range of businesses have receives mentoring to achieve better outcomes in their professional and personal lives.

Overcome the Hurdles Every Executive Faces

  • Solve one crisis after another
  • Replace anxiety about the future with clarity about next steps
  • Find a balance between work and home
  • Develop untapped potential and increased accountability
  • Collaborate with staff and other executives effectively

“Who you were being in our work was as important to me as what I learned. The results of the new awareness from our work have been nothing short of amazing. I have been able to co-create a wonderful certification program that now serves over 2,200 clients in 81 countries. The bigger win is what happened within the lives of the clients. Many of them have built a coaching and speaking business that has given them an income of over 100,000 dollars and more have earned enough money to pay off car loans and student loans.

We launched a free youth leadership program and in one week the clients taught these lessons to over 90,000 kids around the world, what an impact! I supported a school to be built in Kenya for 100 children. I also was able to make a significant donation to the ARC of Palm Beach County which provides services for mentality disabled children and adults. This helped them host an event that generated substantial funding.

I want you to know the impact your work has had on me and thousands of others. Your work and voice are perhaps more important than you may have known!”

Paul Martinelli

The Exponential Value of Executive Mentoring

Dr. Scheele’s combined practical and scholarly background provides you with the latest expertise to draw forth your unique physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual intelligences.

You receive practical wisdom from over three decades of leadership and research. You learn how to transform challenges in business into professional and personal mastery.  

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