Leadership Intensive

Scheele Learning Systems offers leadership intensives to expand organizational wisdom in fulfilling initiatives and delivering profitable results.


Keep Your Organization Sharp, Focused, and Ready to Meet Objectives

This program involves making positive progress through adaptive learning. As you see what limits your success, you master the path to your vision.

When leaders access and apply their wisdom, they stay centered and lead with excellence to address the rapid marketplace changes.

Attain Desired Outcomes and Avoid Unintended Consequences

Entrepreneurs and executives from diverse industries find the SLS Leadership Intensive gives them what has been missing in leadership development programs.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

  • Integrate all four holistic intelligences
  • Realign actions to be congruent
  • Utilize the full talents of each individual
  • Find the genius and special gifts within your staff
  • Activate the potential within your organization’s resources
  • Generate sustainable profits

Here is the overview of the major learning components within the SLS Leadership Intensive:

Long-term Valuable Wins

Every leader can generate huge wins for their organization. Our job is to guide each leader to “learn how to learn” to access their genius mind and cultivate the resources within their organization to apply brilliant creativity.

There is a new path that catapults excellence in leadership. It integrates adaptive and transformative learning to accelerate effectiveness in business.

We facilitate your aptitude for capturing opportunities, avoiding disasters, and being able to produce great results while deftly avoiding unintended negative consequences.

Commit to Being Transformational Leaders

Explore how this program solves your challenges and opens up your opportunities.

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