Team Synergy

Cheryl Valk develops the synergy within teams
to advance success and reduce personnel problems.

Get the Best from Every Team Member

Chaos, uncertainty, and challenge require teams to be increasingly adept as they navigate the factors affecting business.

Cheryl believes accountability and enhanced collaboration are team builders. Achieving better results happens when teams discover the tremendous power of authentic synergistic work.

Tremendous Teams Make a Difference in Every Organization

Cheryl facilitates an experiential learning program for teams in small to large for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Adapt to Win by Running with Versus Running Against

  • Operate more optimally
  • Be nimble and resilient to solve challenges 
  • Accept responsibility and accountability to succeed 
  • Draw forth each member’s brilliance
  • Get motivated to achieve more with fewer struggles
  • Overcome dysfunctional relationships

The Value of Accountability and Collaboration

The Accountable and Collaborative Teamwork (ACT) program combines mentorship for team leaders and experiential peer-to-peer learning modules to develop extraordinary synergy.

This provides a positive way to:

  • Increase your team’s collaboration 
  • Incentivize growth in your teams 
  • Instill authenticity and transparency to resolve conflicts 
  • Involve the team through personal accountability 
  • Integrate learning to learn processes for future success
  • Increase your team motivation
  • Improve your bottom line results

Team leaders are mentored before and after the experiential program for team members. An assessment of the current situation with team leaders leads to the design of a customized program to bring out the genius capacities within each unique team.

The integration of learning from this program continues over a period of three months to insure maximum benefit. Teams can choose to continue team synergy support as needed.

Minimize Sabotage and Maximize Team Productivity

Explore how your teams can achieve what is possible with more ease and effectiveness.

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