Transformative Accelerated Learning

Scheele Learning Systems facilitates transformative accelerated learning programs that overcome resistance to trainings and increase effective,
cost-efficient application of practical knowledge.

The Strength of a Transformative Accelerated Learning Program for Your Organization

We cultivate creativity and sustainability, the crucial drivers of successful outcomes that generate long-term profits, protect environments, serve society, and fulfill stakeholders in meaningful ways.

This is accomplished through transformative accelerated learning programs which create a developmental shift and lead to new perspectives, changes in the way you make meaning, and in how optimal outcomes can be realized.

The starting point for such learning is the review of experiences through rich dialogue within a safe environment. Transformative learning includes:

  • Experiences or critical incidents that trigger new thinking
  • Critical reflections about the content, process, and premise to examine long held beliefs and values about the experiences
  • Affective learning to use the power within emotions to trigger deep reflection
  • Deep dialogue and relationships that are supportive and trusting
  • Individual development

Transformative accelerated learning transforms reluctant participants into eager and engaged learners. The methods used insure all participants have a multitude of ways to access the power within their minds to learn as they demonstrate new proficiencies.

Transform Boring Trainings into Effective Learning Experiences

 Individuals within organizations have become more resistant to trainings because:

  • There is a lack of acknowledgement of the brilliance within them
  • They are asked to passively absorb information
  • They are not fully engaged as capable contributing learners 
  • There is a sense that trainings are used to get more for less

Small and large organizations can learn more effectively, in less time, with less stress, and greater satisfaction than traditional trainings.

Integrate new capacities with your existing staff and expertise. A more rapid embodiment of new skills and a more efficient path to success will be facilitated.

Collaborative Learning for Faster Growth

  • Create a context for the demonstration of learning
  • Peer to peer learning and facilitation 
  • Increase fluent, flexible, and elaborative thinking
  • Discover how curiosity expands the readiness to take reasonable risks 
  • Handle increased complexity
  • Access brilliant imagination more often
  • Minimize the impact on productivity while learning
  • Maximize the results generated by the learning course

Advance Competency to Achieve More Value

People learn best what they can teach to others. Give your learners the opportunity to co-facilitate a learning program and you advance their competencies after the program. This sustains the ability to respond through adaptive learning because learning how to learn is the embedded take away for life.

When leaders facilitate learning by modeling the required knowledge, attitudes and skills, they will yield stellar results. This is accomplished in a dynamic, learner-centric environment that eliminates fears and enhances self-esteem.  

Propel your learning programs to maximize creativity through a proven curriculum of learning-to-learn. A brain-based approach empowers the genius potential within your participants to embody the learning and apply the new skills for better returns.

Your organization integrates four vital competencies:

  • How to implement transformative and accelerative learning concepts
  • How to design a fully supportive learner-centric environment
  • How to streamline and improve any course by applying new design methods
  • How to engage learners effectively

Discover a Faster Way to Get Results from Learning Programs

Explore how a transformative accelerated curriculum can overcome the resistance to learning.

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