Paraliminal CDs

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Get the Complete Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals!

What is a Paraliminal?

Complete Ultimate ParaliminalsParaliminals offer a high-performance audio technology for your mind based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Accelerated Learning, and Preconscious Processing. Paraliminals are simple to use and make it much easier for you to succeed at the goals and objectives you desire to achieve.

Each Paraliminal audio recording is specifically created to help you overcome the internal obstacles blocking your progress and success. As you listen to the messages within the recording, the Paraliminal works with your nonconscious mind to support new resourceful ways to respond. You will immediately face life’s challenges and issues with new capabilities.

Paraliminals are listened to by hundreds of thousands of people around the globe, who have experienced great breakthroughs and successes. Within this audio technology, Paul Scheele weaves his human development expertise to provide you with a “plug and play” way to achieve with ease. You’ll be able to break out of thinking “I can’t” and enjoy the benefits of thinking “I can and I will.”

Paraliminal recordings support a natural easy way to make meaningful changes as you walk a more confident path to success. All you need to do is spend 20-minutes to sit or lie down in a quiet space and listen to the Paraliminal most relevant to what you intend to accomplish.

The Complete Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals

The Complete Ultimate You Library has 42 Paraliminals that provide personal support for you to attain your intentions more quickly through the resources within your mind. Each Paraliminal comes with information about how to best use your Paraliminal listening session to gain the maximum benefits right away and for years to come.

When you choose the Complete Ultimate You Library, you’ll save 32% off the retail price of what you would pay for each Paraliminal individually. It’s like getting 13 Paraliminals free!

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Paraliminal Accelerator

Make accelerated progress towards your goals!

The Paraliminal Accelerator offers a powerful systematic approach Paul Scheele created to achieve any of your goals.

This 40-day program uses 26 of the 42 Paraliminals contained within the Complete Ultimate You Library and includes18 powerful coaching sessions to support your journey.

It is easy to use the Paraliminal Accelerator!

You’ll be guided to follow the process for listening to the entire library of Paraliminals in a specific order prescribed by Paul.

While this program helps you accomplish your goal or solve your problem, you’ll also realize spillover benefits that begin to appear in different areas of your life. This is because your goals and issues influence each other. Paul designed the Paraliminal Accelerator so you can take advantage of this influence versus suffer from it.

Using the Paraliminal Accelerator will result in rapid progress toward your goals, and build solid, unwavering progress in your professional and personal life.


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