Paraliminal CDs

These programs are available through Learning Strategies Corporation, where Paul is a co-founding partner. You will go to Learning Strategies Corporation’s secure shopping cart when you wish to purchase this program.


Paraliminals are listened to by hundreds of thousands of people, and their stories are full of great breakthroughs and successes. Within this technology, Paul Scheele weaves his expertise in neuro-linguistic programming and whole brain learning with more than two decades experience to provide the listener with a “plug and play” way to enlightenment and achievement. So break out of your trance of “I Can’t” and discover the world of “I can and I will.” Paraliminal recordings support you to change in a natural easy way so you walk the path to success with ease.

The Enhanced Ultimate You Library

The Enhanced Ultimate You Library has 26 Paraliminals that support you to attain your desired state quickly as you access your resources within. Each Paraliminal CD includes booklet describing the purpose, what to do before listening to the session, your benefits, best ways you can use, taking your next steps, plus inside secrets.

You’ll save over $200 when you choose the Enhanced Paraliminal Library over the price you would pay for each one individually. Click the tell me more button below to learn about all the Paraliminals published by Learning Strategies Corporation.

Paraliminal Accelerator

The Paraliminal Accelerator transforms your goals into your reality. You will need the Enhanced Ultimate You Library to follow this 40-step methodology to accomplish your goals. Simply, follow the instructions and described process within the accompanying course manual. You’ll be guided to listen to the Paraliminals in a specific order prescribed by Paul. The different Paraliminal sessions support the achievement of your goals and lead you to realize many beneficial results.


“Paraliminal,” is a registered trademark owned by Learning Strategies Corporation.