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Explore your options to accelerate better outcomes in your professional and personal life.

Watch a video with Dr. Paul Scheele teaching and sharing a meditative approach to boost your body’s natural capacity for immunity.

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We offer 3 free ways you can receive value from our work!

Five-Day Laser Focus Challenge

Free Five-Day Laser Focus Challenge

Take this free 5-day laser focus challenge to overcome a sense of overwhelm & become more focused! Discover powerful techniques to help you get things done!

Handle emails, projects, & tasks more effectively as you take some easy steps.

A Free Entrepreneurial Coaching Session

Schedule your free 30-minute entrepreneurial coaching session. Gain an insight to propel your business forward! Discover new ideas with Cheryl Valk as your coach. She is an entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience.

Free Online Learning Programs

When you join the Scheele Learning Systems Community you receive invitations to our free online learning sessions. We cover a wide range of topics in the areas of success, relationships, growth, and health.

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Dr. Paul Scheele

Dr. Paul R. Scheele has influenced a diversity of organizations through his work in problem solving, creativity, communications, accelerated learning, and leadership development. 

Cheryl Valk

Cheryl Valk

Cheryl Valk, Vice President of 
Scheele Learning Systems, orchestrates the vision of Scheele Learning Systems and manages operations, sales, and client services. 

Our "Why"

We are passionate about learning and believe you are brilliant. We at Scheele Learning Systems think that the primary purpose of education is to liberate human genius.

Business Client Success

We work with diverse types of businesses, their leaders, and their team members.

Expert Endorsements

Jack Canfield

Many transformational leaders endorse Dr. Paul R. Scheele and his work.

Client Testimonials

Shirley Engelmeier

Our clients tell us how we make a significant different to their professional and personal lives.

Recent Blog Posts

Scheele Learning Programs

We offer live events and self-study programs.

Online Learning Events

The Ultimate You Experience takes you on a  journey in which you discover how to express more of your potential and reach your goals.

Our Inner Circle is a membership group of people who self-select to join us after the Ultimate You Experience.

We offer the Guardians of Change Workshop to organizations that sponsor this 1.5 day experience.

Self-Study Digital Products

There are dozens of audios with transcripts and Paraliminal® recordings to choose from plus  digital book downloads, digital video downloads, and home study courses to explore.

We cover topics like Creativity, Emotional Well-Being, Health, Inner Work, Learning, Relationships and Success & Prosperity.

Most products are available in digital format and ready to download right away - no waiting on delivery!

Services We Offer

We offer the following services customized to meet your needs:

Accelerated Learning Seminars

Accelerated Learning Seminars

Communication Skills Workshops

Communication Skills Workshops

Entrepreneur Coaching

Entrepreneur Coaching

Executive Leadership Mentoring

Executive Leadership Mentoring

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Paul R. Scheele offers keynotes and presentations to help your audience apply the capacities of their minds and create better results.
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​Subscribe to Grow & Express Your Potential

​​Join our learning community to get insights and news about creating brilliant results. Unsubscribe at anytime.