Cheryl Valk orchestrates the vision of Scheele Learning Systems and manages operations, sales, and client services. She is Dr. Scheele’s business partner and the Vice President of Scheele Learning Systems. Her work with clients includes team development and coaching individuals.

Cheryl has made valuable contributions to medical research, corporate management, entrepreneurial endeavors, and human development. Her career demonstrates a successful pattern of learning how to learn and of leading and teaching others how to do the same. She has worked with Dr. Scheele since 2005.

Cheryl Valk

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Cheryl began in research at the University of California at San Diego School of Medicine. She worked as a research associate and co-authored several published research studies. She trained medical researchers from around the world, worked directly with principal investigators, and coordinated the design and build out of a new research facility. This endocrinology lab published over one-hundred peer-reviewed studies during the five years she was involved.

After her career in medical research, Cheryl became a pharmaceutical sales representative. She was selected as the district trainer within her first six months and was promoted to the District Sales Manager position six months later. In this role, she earned the Division Manager of the Year Award for excellence in her sales, management, and training programs which were implemented at district, regional and national levels.

Cheryl was in the new home industry for five years. During her tenure, she broke company records by selling over two hundred homes within a three-year period. These accomplishments led her to become a sales administrative manager. In this position she managed sales, escrow, buyer requests, and closings for multiple housing developments.

She returned to pharmaceutical sales management after five years in real estate and became a top-producing district manager within her first six months.

Cheryl left corporate employment in 1997 to become an entrepreneur. This gave her the experience of turning a business around. Her efforts won clients across the United States. She acquired prestigious accounts, quadrupled sales, and trained Seattle’s Best Coffee wholesale representatives across the country to sell her company’s tea. Cheryl continues to consult with entrepreneurs and leads workshops on sales and teamwork.

Cheryl believes the nature of relationships affects the quality of results in business. She understands the dynamic dance of talent, learning, and accountability with wisdom, ethics, and collaboration. Each plays a vital role to create long-term profitability.

During her diverse career, Cheryl identified eleven performance patterns that emerge out of the desire to succeed and grow in business. She realized these performance patterns exist in every company, regardless of size or industry. Most importantly, Cheryl observed how the quality of results depended upon the nature of specific skills, attributes, and values that relate to each performance pattern. Her upcoming book will share how you, your teams, and your company can shift into more profitable performance patterns for greater success. ​We will announce when this book is available on our website and social media sites.