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Cheryl Valk orchestrates the vision of Scheele Learning Systems and manages operations, sales, and client services. She is Dr. Scheele’s business partner and the Vice President of Scheele Learning Systems. Her work with clients includes team development and coaching individuals. Cheryl has made valuable contributions to medical research, corporate management, entrepreneurial endeavors, and human development. Her career demonstrates a successful pattern of learning how to learn and of leading and teaching others how to do the same. She has worked with Dr. Scheele since 2005.

Healthy Practices to Support Your Coherence and Well-Being

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Taking proactive steps to sustain your well-being is vital these days. Fortunately, there are self-care practices that can support greater coherence and well-being. These practices are easy and effective yet require no expensive equipment…just your body! The first practice involves your breathing rate. You breathe without conscious awareness throughout your day. Without conscious awareness, the average […]

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