Free Guide to Paraliminal® Recordings

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Paraliminals® guide you to an expanded internal environment in which you gain access to rich inner resources for personal and professional development. Paraliminals® help break the trance of perceived personal limitation that have made your dreams and goals seem out of reach. One listening session can release your fullest potential for a success-filled and abundant life in areas most important to you.

Each program is carefully scripted to communicate positive, life-enhancing messages directly to your inner mind, gaining access to what you need to achieve your goals. Paraliminals® are artfully recorded in a professional studio, digitally mastered, and blended with originally scored music, soothing environmental sounds, and Holosync® frequencies that synchronize brainwaves for accelerated learning.

A Paraliminal® session begins when you select an area of your life in which you would like to feel better, think better, and achieve a positive outcome in your life. During the relaxing 20-minute listening session, you sit back comfortably, close your eyes, and are guided into a physically relaxed and mentally aware state of mind.

Dr. Scheele’s voice moves into your left and right ears giving separate messages to the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The message to your left hemisphere guides you through a series of steps to change your habitual and limited ways of thinking and feeling. The message to your right hemisphere offers indirect positive statements in the form of a creative metaphor to encourage the desired changes you are making and produce the results you seek.

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