Guardians of Change Workshop

New Workshop Dates Will Be Scheduled in 2018!


If you are frustrated, stuck, or tired of limited success…or if you want to realize goals that seem elusive…


You can realize your goals with greater ease and speed when you understand how to transform your inner guardians into your supporters and allies.


Are you ready to end your struggles and experience the success you want?

Imagine if your best intentions became your reality in your work, relationships, and wellbeing…and

How great would you feel if your professional and personal success provided much greater satisfaction and growth opportunities?


If this describes your situation and you are tired of repeating and failing to achieve what you really want…read this!

Here is why this is happening to you:

There are three functions within your brain which make achieving your goals grueling attempts instead of simple steps!

This is especially true for your big, important, and life transforming intentions.

That’s right, your brain puts on the brakes and makes the necessary changes challenging.

These 3 brain functions push your goals away from you instead of pulling you towards your goals and supporting you to make changes.

Without understanding how to work with the innate design of your brain, what you really want becomes a difficult if not impossible destination.


When you attend the Guardians of Change workshop, Dr. Paul Scheele will demonstrate your inner guardians and how to make them your allies.

He will share the critical factors which accelerate your progress with goals and improve your ability to:

  • Navigate around your mental and emotional blocks
  • Develop yourself professionally and personally
  • Transform your results into triumphant achievements

You will watch how your brain can hold you back and hang onto historical habits long after they have lost their usefulness…and why your efforts to change often creates “more of the same” rather than liberating you to live your dreams.

New Dates Coming Soon!

Here is the good news…

You have resources already within you and Dr. Scheele will show you how to access and use these resources so you can experience your highest potential with greater speed and ease.

This transformative learning program engages you to:

  • Apply your resources to connect with your desired future
  • Understand how to make faster progress
  • Experience greater joy regardless of your circumstances
  • Get back on track when you get distracted by the urgencies of others
  • Maintain your focus and efforts

The workshop will help you resolve conflicts arising from the three functional areas of your brain: the Reptilian, Limbic, and NeoCortex.

These areas produce conflicting signals which lead to self-sabotage and limit your ability to take the actions required to create your intended results.

When your brain conflicts with the intentions of your mind, you will commonly feel disconnected, unworthy, filled with doubt, or distrustful of yourself, others, and situations.

At the Guardians of Change workshop you will learn how to navigate your neurology and bypass your brain’s conflicting messages so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.


As you engage in collaborative and experiential activities during the Guardians of Change workshop, you will learn to simplify and fast track the path to your desired results.

Dr. Scheele will be your “Sherpa to Success” and show you ways to:

  • Reduce the toils and tribulations towards your intended future
  • Make your guardians your allies and supporters
  • Realize more of your potential

You will experience the results of Dr. Scheele’s research and what leads to personal transformation and…stellar results.

Look, your gifts and talents are needed more than ever during this turning point in our world.

You can live your dreams and help create a brighter future.

After the workshop with Dr. Scheele, you will know how to:

  • Re-connect with powerful resources within you
  • Why you are more than worthy
  • Trust yourself even in times of uncertainty

You will revitalize your body, energize your mind, and supercharge your positive emotions to experience passion, peace, and prosperity as your constant companions.

New Dates Coming Soon!

The tuition is only $497 when you register in advance. If there is space available when the workshop begins, the tuition will be $550 at the door.

Email Cheryl Valk at with any questions.

Dr. Scheele and Cheryl look forward to seeing you at this workshop!