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​The PhotoReading® book covers the 5 steps to get what you need from a book in the time you have available.

​This process as outlined in the book shares how you can glean essential knowledge by using your whole mind to sort for what is relevant to the reason you want to read a book.

Here are the steps to learn the PhotoReading® Whole Mind system:

  1. Prepare
  2. Preview
  3. PhotoRead
  4. Postview
  5. Activate

Dr. Paul Scheele will help you learn this method of processing in which you can access the vital 4 to 11 percent of a book that contains the meaning. Most importantly, he gives to accomplish your intention for reading the book you want to explore.

This PhotoReading book opens up new possibilities for how you learn and how you can get through that stack of books and other written materials still next to your bed, coach, or favorite chair. Paul Scheele also shares other benefits as PhotoReading becomes a regular part of your life.

While you can read this PhotoReading book, consider the Deluxe PhotoReading Home Study Course ​ to maximize your mastery of the technique. It includes audio and video files of a PhotoReading seminar, and this is the next best option if you are unable to attend a live seminar.

The home study course includes:

  • The PhotoReading book and the Natural Brilliance book.
  • Eight audio sessions on CDs that give you verbal instruction and tips.
  • The Memory Supercharger Paraliminal
  • A course manual.
  • Three DVDs for the secrets to mastery.
  • The PhotoReading Activator Paraliminal.
  • A 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free email or telephone coaching from a PhotoReading coach.

If you prefer to get the PhotoReading book right now, please order the book. Paul Scheele includes what you need to do in the book. In the latter part of the book, you discover more about your genius, gain answers to common questions, and how to study a topic as you PhotoRead 3 to 5 books on it in a single day.

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