The Ultimate You Experience

2024 Ultimate You Experience

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We will be announcing our new program format for 2024 by March 1st.

You can review this page about the 2023 Ultimate You Experience to learn about the benefits of participating in 2024.

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The 2023-2024 Ultimate You Experience!!

If you want better results in your work and life…The Ultimate You Experience provides the cutting-edge methods and tools you need!

Your Work and Life Can Become More Rewarding!

Would you like to accelerate your progress towards your goals?

When you learn the vital practices that make the difference in overcoming your current struggles, here are the results you can realize during the Ultimate You Experience:

  • Accomplish your goals with greater ease.
  • Conquer your problems with less frustration.
  • Experience your most tremendous growth-year.

Together, these results can produce the success you desire in your life. You can gain many benefits for life from participating in the Ultimate You Experience if you want…

  • Better health
  • Enjoyable relationships
  • Greater abundance
  • Rapid growth
  • Work success

Watch Dr. Scheele share more…

Your decision to participate in this masterfully designed experience, can be a turning point to realize more rewarding results.

You choose your goals and the Ultimate You Experience gives you the means and mastery you need to succeed in any aspect of your life.

Ultimate You Experience

A VIRTUAL ONLINE Engagement with Dr. Scheele

2023-24 Schedule

We highly recommend participating in each online session scheduled and we offer recordings for your review.

From the comfort of your home, without the hassle and cost of travel, you can overcome barriers, solve dilemmas, and achieve your intended future.

You will join Dr. Scheele in 2023 for the following virtual sessions:

  • A 90-minute initial orientation and preparation session on May 2.
  • A half-day session on May 20 and a full-day session on May 21.
  • Four, 90-minute sessions being coached by Dr. Scheele as you study the Deluxe Abundance for Life home study course together on June 13 & 27 and July 11 & 25.
  • A small group café session with Dr. Scheele and Cheryl Valk to review your goals in August.
  • Two full days on September 23rd and 24th.
  • Two full days on October 14th & 15th.
  • 3, 90-minute integration sessions with the first session scheduled in November, the second session scheduled in December, and the third session scheduled in January 2024. Dates and times of these sessions will be scheduled in October.

Watch this video of Dr. Scheele sharing how this carefully crafted experience will benefit you:

Ultimate You Experience



$2600 USD
Early Bird Special: $2400 by April 30, 2023

Paul Scheele

Join Dr. Paul Scheele for the Virtual Ultimate You Experience.

Whatever challenges you seek to overcome, goals you want to achieve, or situations you desire to improve…

Over the 9-months, you access and apply valuable resources within your mind in supportive ways as you release what blocks your success!

As you apply the effective strategies and methods, you’re much more skillful to solve your most pressing difficulties and achieve your optimal outcomes with greater ease and speed!

Watch Dr. Scheele explain how you can acquire and develop an advantage that very few people have during the Ultimate You Experience.

Look, there are good reasons why you have yet to achieve some of your most important intentions or to resolve what causes your current stress…

You’re not alone… many people continue to seek more and more information, hoping additional information will help them, only to find themselves more frustrated with their limited results.

You Need to Master Your Mind to Achieve Your Desires & Solve Problems

Experience and practice are the difference between an informed beginner and a master of change in this 9-month virtual engagement.

As you develop a self-transforming mind, you can stop the cycle of struggle and failure to accomplish your good intentions.

Your experience in this 9-month engagement is designed for you to practice approaches and meaningful skill-building exercises that have been proven to work.

You will be guided through an inner transformation with your brain and your mind fully engaged. The experience allows you to make significant progress in transformational changes that can propel your biggest dreams.

Your skills in problem-solving, your responses to disruptive change, and your ability to tap into higher-order creativity can create new destinies you’ve only dreamt about up until now.

Consider this question for a moment…

What stops you from your dreams and your goals?

The short answer is that your mindset and beliefs often limit your abilities to maintain and use an open mind and heart with a willingness to learn, adapt and change.

You also may have adopted a socialized mindset complete with disempowering beliefs you that you accepted unquestioningly. While learning from others is often beneficial, some beliefs and opinions that you adopt as true may limit your progress and achievements.

Your transformation over the 9 months begins with the understanding that there are tremendous resources within your mind. Then, you practice how to apply your resources to experience the Ultimate You.

This allows your innate brilliance to turn possibilities into your desired reality. During the Ultimate You Experience, you are guided to express more of your personal and professional potential.

Dr. Paul Scheele’s expertise comes from decades of human development research and practice that continue to help millions of people around the world apply their mind’s abundant resources.

He shows you how to create the experiences filled with prosperity, happiness, and meaning.

You discover how to realize self-sufficiency through your resourcefulness, power, and relationships. This allows you to conquer challenges, navigate change, and accelerate progress.

As your self-sufficiency develops over the 9 months, you can restore, re-energize, and realize what is most important in your work and throughout your life.

graphic with words: relax, reflect, restore, re-energize, re-inspire

You experience your vast resources of mind along with the practices that make progress easier and faster.

You have the time and space to relax, reflect, restore, re-energize, and re-inspire.

Your participation is a gift that will continue to give you tremendous value long after the Ultimate You Experience concludes…our clients report the Ultimate You continues to benefit them in huge ways years after their participation.

photo of Kimberly Maxwell


The Ultimate You gave me the time I needed to completely relax. I gained new perspectives and can now evaluate things from a new and expanded angle that supports greater success. Learning how to transform my inner processes which guard my progress into processes that help me realize my potential and intentions was extremely powerful. I also discovered that I am more intuitive than I realized. Upon returning back to my home and work life I feel more free and at peace, less burdened and less stressed even in the midst of my accounting business, and I am thrilled to now have a better understanding about my purpose and direction for the rest of my life.

Kimberly L Maxwell
CPA, CITP, MBA, The Accounting Firm, LLC

Gain skills, strategies, and techniques that provide value over your lifetime.

Discover how to:

  • Foster effective communication to minimize conflicts and optimize rapport.
  • Improve your mental models so success happens with ease.
  • Apply processes that accelerate better results.
  • Use proven techniques to access genius resources and make good decisions.
  • Engage in deep listening and meaningful dialogues to solve problems.
  • Accept what is and take the best next step leading to a rewarding future.
  • Find new perspectives to realize your desired future.

During your 9-month experience, you see the big picture, find clarity, and make progress! You release stress and get unstuck.

You will have time to be still, silent, and sense your own wisdom, so you become more creative and powerful in each moment.

And you finish with concrete steps to dynamically steer yourself through disorienting dilemmas and take advantage of emerging possibilities.

photo of Laura Prisc


The Ultimate You was super powerful for me for a number of reasons, including allowing me to release some long-held beliefs and other issues that were no longer serving me. If you have the chance to attend this experience and are serious about taking a deep dive into understanding who you truly are and what drives you, I highly recommend it. The days spent with Dr. Scheele and the other participants was invaluable.

Laura Prisc
Intuitive Pathfinder/Founder, Great Expectations THINK SPACE

Photo of Mike Hulst


I had a major breakthrough during a walk with Cheryl Valk. The value of our conversation was worth more than my tuition! I still reflect on what emerged during our deep dialogue to this day. When I add what I gained from Dr. Scheele’s expertise, the value I received from this experience was pure gold. The power of being in this community was also amazing. No matter who my partner was in any of the processes, they were the perfect person for me to be with at that time. After this self-improvement experience, I have maintained a sense of peace even though my workload has been very demanding. Now I can handle disorienting dilemmas without the struggle. I fully trust I am safe and then simply take the next step.

Mike Hulst
HULST Enterprises, Ltd. - Executive Coaching & Teaching NV5, Inc. Vice President of Environmental & Water Resource Services

Your virtual engagement in the Ultimate You Experience guides you through the 6 initiatives of transformation.

Discover what to do to stay receptive, generative, and persistent in pursuit of your goals. You will learn and experience the 6 initiatives of transformation Dr. Paul Scheele studied in his doctoral work.

Understanding these 6 initiatives or “steps to change” supports your effective adaptation to the complexity and challenges you face each day.

You also learn how to:

  • Process your feelings so you are satisfied, peaceful, and able to overcome obstacles.
  • Clear negative emotions so you remove the internal resistance to positive change.
  • Develop greater resiliency, so you bounceback when a setback occurs.
  • Maintain an outcome orientation, so you build on what works and become more resourceful.
  • Release the discomfort of problems, so you can solve issues with greater ease.
  • Use an inquiry process to get unstuck, so you respond more effectively versus being thwarted by external circumstances.
  • Access greater creativity, so you enhance your well-being.
  • Communicate effectively, so you can achieve your highest intentions for yourself, your community, and our world.
photo of Vinodh Jeyaraj


Knowing Dr. Scheele, even before coming to the Ultimate You, I expected it to be game changing. I have to say that it ended up being way way more than 'game changing'. I had quit my job a few months before, had started building my own company and I thought that I was making really good progress. This was until I had a huge realization during the retreat, that I was operating with one foot on the gas pedal and the other foot on the brake. After the experience, I took several major decisions to aggressively move forward towards my goals which I was hesitating to take before. I could feel that I am passing everyday with intention, courage, and conviction, not fear. Every such massive shift always requires special people to reach into our heart and mind, I felt such a heart-felt connection and resonance with Dr. Scheele and Cheryl Valk which was priceless for me.

Vinodh Jeyaraj
CEO, Winspire Inc.

Your Virtual Ultimate You Experience includes…

A VIRTUAL ONLINE Engagement with Dr. Scheele

Your 2023/24 Ultimate You Experience includes:

  • A 90-minute preparation and orientation session on May 2.
  • A virtual 1.5-day initial session on May 20 & 21.
  • Four evening online coaching sessions using tools from the Deluxe Abundance for Life home study course on June 13 & 27 and July 11 & 25.
  • A small online group café session with Dr. Scheele and Cheryl Valk to review your goals.
  • Two full day sessions on September 23rd and 24th.
  • Two full day sessions on October 14th & 15th.
  • 3 more deep dive integration sessions in November, December, and January 2024.
  • Plus, you get recordings of every session that you can download and review.

Are you ready to discover how to:

  • Access more of your natural gifts and potential, so you can make a bigger impact?
  • Navigate through challenges and changes, so you can stay on course with your purpose?
  • Become more resilient, so you bounce back when setbacks occur?
  • Apply techniques to develop mastery, abundance, vibrant health, and rewarding relationships?
  • Create powerful habits of thinking, so you achieve what you intend?

Ultimate You Experience


See 2023/24 Schedule Listed Above

$2600 USD
Early Bird Special: $2400 by April 30, 2023

Paul Scheele

Payment plans are available for the 2023/2024 virtual Ultimate You Experience.

Email to learn more and ask questions.

After you register for this virtual Ultimate You Experience, we will be in touch about the course materials and logistics.

We are confident that this online engagement over 9 months is one of the most powerful, life-changing, and beneficial experiences you can have.

We look forward to having you join us for the
Virtual Ultimate You Experience in 2023 through January 2024!

photo of Michelle Mras


After attending the Ultimate You, I have gained more self-confidence. I understand my purpose and know the power of who I am. I handle stress with a sense of calmness. I feel solid walking through life. After years of self-development work, I experienced more personal growth at the Ultimate You than I had achieved over my entire life. This self-improvement experience helped bring out the best version of me.

Michelle Mras
Author of the book Eat, Drink & Be Mary: A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived

photo of Mitzi Jasnicki


I loved every moment at the Ultimate You! I had never felt such safety to be myself and to understand myself at a deeper level. The quality and depth of the curriculum was extraordinary! Paul’s wisdom and knowledge are unparalleled as compared to anyone else that I’ve studied or worked with in human development. I now know that I have what I need to solve issues, make progress, and truly thrive as I move into my fullest potential.

Mitzi Jasnicki