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Thank you for your interest in our work. We serve entrepreneurs, leaders, companies, and people by providing powerful programs, services, and keynotes. Our work facilitates the genius potential within companies and individuals around the world. We value mutual respect, collaboration, compassion, dialogue, gratitude, inquiry, trust, service, and holism. Discover more about us through the links below.

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Dr. Paul Scheele

Dr. Paul R. Scheele has influenced a diversity of organizations through his work in problem solving, creativity, communications, accelerated learning, and leadership development. 

Cheryl Valk

Cheryl Valk

Cheryl Valk, Vice President of 
Scheele Learning Systems, orchestrates the vision of Scheele Learning Systems and manages operations, sales, and client services. 

Our "Why"

We are passionate about learning and believe you are brilliant. We at Scheele Learning Systems think that the primary purpose of education is to liberate human genius.

Business Client Success

We work with diverse types of businesses, their leaders, and their team members.

Expert Endorsements

Jack Canfield

Many transformational leaders endorse Dr. Paul R. Scheele and his work.

Client Testimonials

Shirley Engelmeier

Our clients tell us how we make a significant different to their professional and personal lives.

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