Transformational Leadership Intensive

Achieve better results and avoid unintended consequences!

​​This intensive helps your leaders achieve better results and avoid unintended consequences. Your leaders will learn how to work with their holistic intelligences, be congruent, tap into the talents within people, and generate more sustainable profits.

​Transformational Leadership Course

​Scheele Learning Systems facilitates live transformational leadership courses to expand your leaders’ ability to complete initiatives, develop employees, and deliver profitable results.

This course offers 12 modules of learning. It begins with a dive into basic skills in relating with others, using improvisation techniques, and listening deeply when in a dialogue. These are foundational to the learning environment and to developing people.

During this course, leaders discover how to:

  • Acknowledge the different types of intelligences within people, so employees can maintain an open mind, heart, and will to be more effective and complete projects.
  • Access and apply their wisdom, so they stay centered and lead with excellence to address the rapid marketplace changes.
  • Address judgments, cynicism, and fear in the workplace, so employees remain engaged.
  • Avoid unintended consequences, so your company accounts for the big picture and accomplishes rewarding results.
  • Attain personal leadership mastery, so it becomes easier and faster to get work done through others.

This Comprehensive Curriculum:

  • Increases the congruency between objectives and behaviors in the workplace.
  • Utilizes more of the full talents of each team member.
  • Helps discover the genius capacities within your employees.
  • Activates the potential within your employee’s resources.
  • Generates more sustainable profits.

When your leaders participate in this live transformational leadership course, they can accomplish better results for your business.

This course represents a new path that catapults excellence in leadership. It integrates adaptive and transformative learning to accelerate effectiveness in business.

We facilitate your ability to capture and act on opportunities, avoid unintended disasters, and be able to produce great results for all stakeholders.

Explore how this program solves your challenges and opens up your opportunities. Schedule a Transformational Leadership Course at your company and gain new abilities to be more competitive.

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