Sales Training Seminar with Coaching

Develop your Sales Force!

​​​When you want to develop your sales force, hire Dr. Paul Scheele and Cheryl Valk to teach sales methods that can make most people more capable in a sales role. Cheryl Valk can provide coaching to your teams after the seminar.​

How to Improve Sales Performance

This live sales training course is designed for companies who want to increase their sales revenues. It shows your sales staff how to improve their performance as they present your products and services to potential and existing clients.

​To make improvements in sales, a deeper understanding of the client or prospective client must be a priority. The sales approach also needs be tailored to where and how the sales presentation occurs. When there is an identification and a plan to fulfill specific objectives for each sales presentation, it sets the stage for successful results.

In this training, your sales staff take a deep dive into the sales process to enhance their ability to open, probe, prove, and close as they make a sales presentation. They also explore how to work with four supportive beliefs, beneficial attitudes, and positive emotions in the sales approach. There are opportunities to practice the winning behaviors of successful salespeople.

As your sales staff learns to improve their performance, they become more confident and resilient when objections arise. Also, they discover how to work with motivations as they demonstrate how your products and services meet a client’s needs. Participants get to roleplay and practice in a fun and safe environment as they discover how to best influence clients and make decisions to buy.

Throughout this course, your sales staff learn ways to sense new opportunities and increase your curiosity as they uncover a need. They develop a strong desire to win and which empowers them to take more effective action in each step of the sales process.

When you need to improve your sales, this sales training course combines the expertise of Dr. Paul Scheele and Cheryl Valk. Cheryl has won sales awards and achieved sales records throughout her career as an employee and as an entrepreneur. She has a proven ability to sell and gain market share even when the competitor is much larger.

Learn how to improve sales performance in this course and realize the increase in revenues your company needs to achieve.
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