Live Learning Events


Our live events provide you learning experiences, methods, and strategies that make a difference throughout your life.
Ultimate You Retreat | Scheele Learning Systems

This retreat begins with a welcome reception the evening before you begin your 4-day retreat and it ends with a party in the evening of the last day. Beginning on the first morning, you experience new abilities within your mind. As you realize more of your abilities and go through each day, your mental model begins to shift for the better. You are likely to take your goals to a whole new level.​

Inner Circle | Scheele Learning Systems

After attending the Ultimate You Retreat, participants are invited to consider membership in our Inner Circle on a space available basis. Inner Circle members meet once every quarter and receive one-on-one coaching for one hour each month with Dr. Paul Scheele over the year and much more. Inner Circle members must participate in the Ultimate You Retreat before they can join.

Guardians of Change | Scheele Learning Systems

Learn why your efforts to change often creates “more of the same” rather than liberating you to live your dreams. In this program, you explore how to transform the Guardians of Change into the Guardians for Change. Discover how what blocks your progress can change and help you advance towards your goals when you attend this event. You will leave with new ways to grow professionally and personally. This workshop is facilitated for sponsored groups around the world. Contact us and learn how your group can sponsor this 1.5-day workshop.​