Accelerated Learning Seminars

Accelerated Learning Techniques for Adults

This seminar shows your trainers how to optimize learning in the workplace and classroom. It can be scheduled in a flexible format based on your schedule. These seminars are usually facilitated by Dr. Paul Scheele and Cheryl Valk.​

​​Accelerated Learning to Learn Course for Instructors

This live course teaches instructors how to design their curriculum to overcome resistance to business trainings and increase the effective acquisition of practical knowledge.

Accelerated Learning Techniques for Adults

Scheele Learning Systems facilitates this learning to learn program for instructors with accelerated learning techniques for adults. Participants will learn a diversity of ways to engage learners with a focus on how to enhance learning with whole mind techniques.

An Accelerated Learning to Learn Course for Your Company

We offer this live training course for companies who want to achieve better outcomes from their investment in training programs for their employees.

This is accomplished through accelerated learning techniques for adults which shifts how learning occurs.

Each accelerated learning to learn course begins with a preparation process to stimulate the engagement of learners and inform them about what to expect in their learning experiences.

Our accelerated learning to learn curriculum also includes learning how to:

  • Establish a safe and comfortable environment, so the learner feels open to learning new information.
  • Design a curriculum to involve active participation by the learner, so they experience what they learn versus a passive absorption of information.
  • Encourage 3 attitudes, 9 behaviors, and use of 20 learning strategies, so learning is optimized.
  • Use methods which account for different learning styles and multiple intelligences, so each learner can learn based on their preferences.
  • Integrate distinct components during the training course to overcome barriers, make connections, activate skills, and assess learning, so you achieve better outcomes from the time, energy, and money you invest in training.

This accelerated learning techniques for adults transforms reluctant participants into motivated learners. The methods ensure every participant has a diversity of ways to learn as they demonstrate new proficiencies.

Your employees can learn more effectively, in less time, with less stress, and greater satisfaction than traditional trainings.

When you want to gain new capacities with your existing staff, our accelerated learning techniques for adults offered in this live course can make a vital difference to your results.

Propel your learning programs to maximize creativity through a proven curriculum of learning-to-learn. Our brain-based approach empowers the genius potential within your participants to embody the learning and apply the new skills for better returns.

Discover a How to ​You Can Realize More Profitable Results from Your Training Programs

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