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Our blog posts and articles cover subjects relevant to leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who love to learn.

These resources are written for our community of learners who want to transform outcomes, solve challenges, and achieve intentions. The content can help you achieve more brilliant results.

There are four categories of blog posts from Dr. Scheele. The first three categories are written blogs about subjects about leadership, learning, and transformation. The last category covers video blogs on a diverse range of topics that rotate over the year. The topics rotate by the season and include success, relationship, growth, and health related subjects. Dr. Scheele also shares about the Scheele Learning Method in some posts.

Cheryl Valk writes articles about coherence and performance patterns. This information covers the skills, attributes, and values that help create desired personal and professional experiences.

Articles included in our newsletters can be found as well.

We invite you to enjoy our posts, videos, and articles about leadership, learning, transformation and much more!

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