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Video Blog: Boost-Body-Super-Immunity

Boost the Body’s Super-Immunity

In this video, you’ll learn how to overcome feelings of overwhelm and become more focused on what matters most. ​​You can also improve your focus and overcome overwhelm through a free Five-Day Laser Focus Challenge by ...continue->

Creative Thinking

​The most creative thinkers balance their imagination with a surprisingly different type of thought process. While they engage in right brain thinking, they also do something specific that will help you enhance your results from creative ...continue->

Solving Your Problems – Part 1

​The problem with problem-solving is generating great solutions to the wrong problem. Solve your business problems by spending 80% of your time defining the specific nature of the real problem and generating solutions to it. ...continue->

Increase Your Persistence – Part 4

Enlist Support from Others​Reach out and join, invite, or create the support from others that will increase your persistent achievement. Peer coaches help you be accountable to the goals you set and the tasks you endeavor ...continue->

Increase Your Persistence – Part 3

Mentally Review Your DayCultivate learning and establish a positive expectancy of your success through framing and reframing your experiences today. Consider today’s highlights, insights, and preparations for a better day tomorrow. Enlist your inner mind for ...continue->

Increase Your Persistence – Part 2

Take Small StepsAdapt most effectively and be more resilient as you move in the direction of your goals with persistent and consistent actions. Take small steps and notice small concrete indicator of success. ...continue->

Increase Your Persistence – Part 1

Two Forms of Task Clarity​Grow yourself as a leader and the success of your work as you move in the direction of your goals with persistent and consistent actions. Be clear on your tasks today to ...continue->

Build Your Ability to Adapt

​Avoid burnout with 3 easy tips for building your adaption energy. Hydrate, take frequent mini-breaks to stretch and move, and sleep most effectively each night. ...continue->

Creating Sacred Space

​Every day we engage in many mundane activities. Our routines can should put us in the groove not put us in a rut. Energize your life by finding the sacred nature of it. ...continue->

Work/Life Balance

​Your goals should excite you. But did you ever hear the phrase “Be careful what you ask for…you just might get it?” When you establish a goal as a business person, consider the delicate balance of ...continue->

Best Average Day

​A successful life boils down to directing your thinking, feeling, and actions—moment to moment. When working on my doctorate, I encountered one of the most powerful techniques I have ever used to help channel my daily, ...continue->

3 Goal Boosters

The brain is a goal seeking device. Written goals tell the brain what you choose to create and achieve. To accelerate your goal achievement, here are 3 quick tips that can immediately give your goals a ...continue->