​Discover how Dr. Paul R. Scheele entertains and educates audiences around the world. His keynotes and presentations show your audience how to use the capacities of their minds to generate better results.


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About Dr. Paul R. Scheele

​Dr. Paul R. Scheele, is the CEO of Scheele Learning Systems. He has influenced a diversity of organizations through his work in problem solving, creativity, communications, accelerated learning, and leadership development.​


Transformative Learning

​Paul Scheele, Ph.D. offers keynote presentations, in-depth trainings, and executive mentoring. He has a unique blend of expertise that combines neurosciences, business, psychology and learning which facilitates problem solving, creativity, communications, accelerated learning, and leadership development. His work accelerates progress that creates success in today's ever changing and challenging world.


Dr. Paul Scheele can present on a broad range of topics with his expertise. Learn about a few of his most often requested presentations. You can also contact us to explore a topic that would support your meeting objectives.

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