Why We Do What We Do

We believe you can solve challenges, achieve goals, and make valuable contributions, as you discover how to apply your mind’s vast capacities and unique gifts.


In every product, program, or event we offer, our goal involves unlocking your potential, so you get the results you want, you can make a bigger difference, and you live a fulfilling business and personal life.


As we do this, you can experience the powerful shift in which you awaken from a perception of limitations and a mindset of “I can’t,” to an ability to acknowledge new possibilities and a mindset of “I can.”


We support the unlocking your potential because as you achieve more your business and personal goals, more of the world’s problems can be addressed and solved. We are motivated by our belief that the world can become a better place as you begin unlocking your potential.


Our clients are entrepreneurs and leaders who want to excel in their work as they contribute to an economically and environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling world that supports future generations.

Our ​Vision:

Scheele Learning Systems is a premier facilitator of the brilliant potential within businesses and leaders around the world.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to deliver learning programs that support meaningful and desired results for our clients. We promise to further your discovery of the brilliant resources within you by unlocking your potential, so you achieve your intentions for the future.


We value mutual respect, collaboration, compassion, dialogue, gratitude, inquiry, trust, service, and congruence. We show you how to access greater creativity, brilliance, and empowerment as the primary ways of unlocking your potential to succeed.


You are invited to discover the leading edge of entrepreneurial and individual excellence.


Contact us today to explore how unlocking your potential and applying your innate capacities can make a difference to your professional and personal results.

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