Communication Skills Workshops

Communication Training for Employees

​Interpersonal communication skills can help your company achieve more in this time of using tech to communicate across various departments in your business. When you improve how well people communicate, they perform better. These workshops are facilitated by Dr. Paul Scheele.​

 ​Communication Skills Workshops

Communication Skills Course

This live course shows your teams how they can improve their communication skills and work relationships. It is offered for companies who need to advance how well staff members communicate their ideas, problems, and solutions.

Communications at work can positively or negatively impact teams, clients, and profitable results. Even an eye roll can shut down a team member from sharing a solution that could improve your bottom line. Other types of body language can either enhance or detract from a positive outcome from any dialogue within your business.

To improve your communications at work, requires your employees to feel capable and at ease as they talk about situations, dilemmas, and potential ramifications. Specifically, your staff can improve how they express thoughts with clarity even as they handle stressful topics. Throughout this course, your team members discover how to build trust and rapport, address and resolve conflicts, and be authentic and in integrity.

This course provides the essential elements of successful conversations at work and when presentations are made to a department, leaders, and clients. Your employees learn how to stay on point and reduce long-winded and defensive responses.

Participants also discover the self-defeating behaviors that may contribute to poor results within teams. This course shows your staff how efforts in better communication creates a more effective workplace. This can also lead to greater employee engagement.

In this training, your teams explore how their body and verbal expressions influence others. They also learn how to read others as they communicate, so they can modify their approach to help the listener stay present and be more attentive to what is said.

Whether your business suffers from poor communication or wants to advance more effective conversations, this course can improve relationships and results in your business. The masterful communication skills of Dr. Paul Scheele can show your teams how to turn difficult conversations around and accomplish better results when your team members participate.

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