Client Testimonials

The work I’ve done with Paul is different than anything I’ve ever done in 30 years of personal and spiritual development. Every aspect of my life has moved to the next level. My business is at the highest level of growth, profitability and awesome people ever. The greatest gift in my work with Paul is attracting my life partner and peer relationship! My sons are both thriving in their gifts. It is with a huge spirit of gratitude that I know Paul Scheele and have been able to participate in the Inner Circle.

Shirley Engelmeier
Founder CEO, Chief Inclusion Strategist InclusionINC

Working with Paul Scheele has helped my organization and I grow both financially and interpersonally. My own capacities as a leader have improved and become more innovative through his leadership development mentoring. The innovative teaching methods of Scheele Learning Systems provide an excellent return on investment and I heartily recommend Dr. Scheele’s work to my colleagues in the industry.

Dr. Joseph Varno
Owner, President - Varnoco Inc.

​​​​This self-improvement retreat offers you a deep dive into new ways to live and work as each day encourages you to achieve extraordinary results in your growth, relationships, success, and health.

I had a major breakthrough during a walk with Cheryl Valk. The value of our conversation was worth more than my tuition! I still reflect on what emerged during our deep dialogue to this day. When I add what I gained from Dr. Scheele’s expertise, the value I received from this retreat was pure gold. The power of being in this community of retreaters was also amazing. No matter who my partner was in any of the processes, they were the perfect person for me to be with at that time. After this self-improvement retreat, I have maintained a sense of peace even though my workload has been very demanding. Now I can handle disorienting dilemmas without the struggle. I fully trust I am safe and then simply take the next step.​

​​Mike Hulst
​HULST Enterprises, Ltd. - Executive Coaching & Teaching NV5, Inc. Vice President of Environmental & Water Resource Services

​​​​The Ultimate You Retreat was super powerful for me for a number of reasons, including allowing me to release some long-held beliefs and other issues that were no longer serving me. If you have the chance to attend this Retreat and are serious about taking a deep dive into understanding who you truly are and what drives you, I highly recommend it. The four-days spent with Dr. Scheele and the other participants was invaluable.

​Laura Prisc
​Intuitive Pathfinder/Founder, Great Expectations THINK SPACE

The Ultimate You Retreat gave me the time I needed to completely relax. I gained new perspectives and can now evaluate things from a new and expanded angle that supports greater success. Learning how to transform my inner processes which guard my progress into processes that help me realize my potential and intentions was extremely powerful. I also discovered that I am more intuitive than I realized. Upon returning back to my home and work life I feel more free and at peace, less burdened and less stressed even in the midst of my accounting business, and I am thrilled to now have a better understanding about my purpose and direction for the rest of my life.

​​​Kimberly L Maxwell
CPA, CITP, MBA, The Accounting Firm, LLC

Knowing Dr. Scheele, even before coming to the Ultimate You retreat, I expected it to be game changing. I have to say that it ended up being way way more than 'game changing'. I had quit my job a few months before, had started building my own company and I thought that I was making really good progress. This was until I had a huge realization during the retreat, that I was operating with one foot on the gas pedal and the other foot on the brake. After coming back from the retreat, I took several major decisions to aggressively move forward towards my goals which I was hesitating to take before. I could feel that I am passing everyday with intention, courage and conviction, not fear. Every such massive shift always requires special people to reach into our heart and mind, I felt such a heart-felt connection and resonance with Dr. Scheele and Cheryl Valk which was priceless for me.

Vinodh Jeyaraj
​​CEO, Winspire Inc

​​​​After attending the Ultimate You Retreat, I have gained more selfconfidence. I understand my purpose and know the power of who I am. I handle stress with a sense of calmness. I feel solid walking through life. After years of self-development work, I experienced more personal growth at this four-day retreat than I had achieved over my entire life. This self-improvement retreat helped bring out the best version of me.

​​​​Michelle Mras
Author of the book Eat, Drink & Be Mary: A Glimpse Into a Life Well Lived

​​​​​I loved every moment at the Ultimate you Retreat! I had never felt such safety to be myself and to understand myself at a deeper level. The quality and depth of the curriculum was extraordinary! Paul’s wisdom and knowledge are unparalleled as compared to anyone else that I’ve studied or worked with in human development. I now know that I have what I need to solve issues, make progress, and truly thrive as I move into my fullest potential.

Mitzi Jasnicki​
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