​Team Development Training Program

How to Improve Teamwork and Get the Best from Every Team Member

​Despite the billions of dollars spent on teamwork over many years, teams remain often dysfunctional due to some members who gossip, backstab, and marginalize others. This diminishes productivity and profitability for your company. Discover how your team can Shift into Profitable Performance Patterns® and grow your business.​

​​Team Development Course

​The business world is often full of chaos, changes, and challenges that require your teams to be increasingly nimble as they navigate through many issues.

Cheryl Valk facilitates this live course to show how your teams and company can Shift into Profitable Performance Patterns® to overcome obstacles and produce great results.

After working in several industries and consulting in many other fields, Cheryl found that there are 11 specific performance patterns that exist in every company regardless of the size of the business, who works in the company, or the industry.

After understanding the current challenges in performance with team leaders, Cheryl designs your company specific course to address these issues. She shares how your teams can develop the relevant skills, express supportive attributes, and hold beneficial values.

Both you and your team members need to understand how to improve teamwork. The learning from this live course continues through coaching over three to six months to ensure maximum benefits are realized.

Your business can be more profitable when you discover how to improve teamwork and how the performance patterns influence results.

​This course helps your company learn how to improve teamwork and:

  • Operate more optimally, so your teams are more effective and efficient. 
  • Be nimble and resilient to solve challenges, so your company stays competitive.
  • Have teams that accept responsibility and accountability, so they do what it takes to succeed.
  • Take advantage of each team member’s brilliance and gifts, so you access your most valuable resources.
  • Be more motivated to achieve greater goals with fewer struggles, so teams maintain the necessary focus to be successful.
  • Overcome dysfunctional relationships between employees, so you spend less time and money solving interpersonal issues.
  • Develop synergy between team members, so there is more rapid progress towards team goals.

Explore how your teams can achieve your business goals with greater ease and effectiveness.

Send an email to ​Grow@ScheeleLearning.com to learn more.

​Shift Into Profitable Performance Patterns is a registered trademark owned by Cheryl Valk.

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