Our services are customized for your company, participants, and objectives.

​Accelerated Learning Seminars

​This seminar shows your trainers how to optimize learning in the workplace and classroom. It can be scheduled in a flexible format based on your schedule. These seminars are usually facilitated by Dr. Paul Scheele and Cheryl Valk.​

​Interpersonal communication skills can help your company achieve more in this time of using tech to communicate across various departments in your business. When you improve how well people communicate, they perform better. These workshops are facilitated by Dr. Paul Scheele. ​

Entrepreneurial Coaching

​Being an entrepreneur can be challenging. From branding to offerings, there are many considerations to successful sustain and grow your business. Work with Cheryl Valk, an experienced coach with a background in many industries. ​

​Executive Leader Mentoring

​​Hire Dr. Paul Scheele and learn to master your executive role. You will be guided with his acquired expertise from growing a multi-million-dollar business and helping many other executives in multi-million-dollar companies. Your mentoring sessions can address leadership, communication, problemsolving, and developing individuals.​

​​​When you want to develop your sales force, hire Dr. Paul Scheele and Cheryl Valk to teach sales methods that can make most people more capable in a sales role. Cheryl Valk can provide coaching to your teams after the seminar.​

​Team Development Training Program

​Despite the billions of dollars spent on teamwork over many years, teams remain often dysfunctional due to some members who gossip, backstab, and marginalize others. This diminishes productivity and profitability for your company. Discover how your team can Shift into Profitable Performance Patterns® and grow your business. ​

Transformational Leadership Intensive

​​This intensive helps your leaders achieve better results and avoid unintended consequences. Your leaders will learn how to work with their holistic intelligences, be congruent, tap into the talents within people, and generate more sustainable profits. ​

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