Inner Circle Membership

The Inner Circle is a membership group comprised of entrepreneurs and leaders who choose to be coached by Dr. Paul Scheele for a year or longer after they attend the Ultimate You Retreat.

​​Master Your Mind and Accelerate Your Results

​If you want a deep dive to master your mind through Dr. Paul Scheele’s work, so you can pursue a faster track to your desired future, join our Inner Circle after you attend our Ultimate You Retreat.

Our Inner Circle members receive a private one-hour coaching session with Dr. Paul Scheele during each month of their membership and attend four, 2-day events over the course of 12 months.

​“Working with Paul Scheele has helped my organization and I grow both financially and interpersonally. My own capacities as a leader have improved and become more innovative through his leadership development mentoring. The innovative teaching methods of Scheele Learning Systems provide an excellent return on investment and I heartily recommend Dr. Scheele’s work to my colleagues in the industry.”

​Dr. Joseph Varno
Owner, Presedent - Varnoco Inc.

​The work I’ve done with Paul is different than anything I’ve ever done in 30 years of personal and spiritual development. Every aspect of my life has moved to the next level. My business is at the highest level of growth, profitability and awesome people ever. My husband and my relationship rocks off the planet – I’m more madly in love with him than ever. My sons are both thriving in their gifts. It is with a huge spirit of gratitude that I know Paul Scheele and have been able to participate in the Inner Circle.

​Shirley Engelmeier Founder
CEO, Chief Inclusion Strategist InclusionINC

​Time to Work on What Is Most Important…Master Your Mind!

​Our Inner Circle meets once a quarter to work on two of the four primary areas in their lives: success, relationships, growth, and health. Membership is limited so Dr. Paul Scheele can have an individual coaching session with each member every month that focuses on their specific goals and plans.

As an Inner Circle member, you experience new insights, leading-edge concepts, and powerful techniques to achieve more success, better health, great relationships, and meaningful growth so you master your professional and personal life. The focus is on you, transformation, and the results you create. It is a journey to master your mind.

A 12-month membership includes other gifts and additional benefits that vary each year.

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