Guardians of Change Workshop

We currently offer Guardians of Change to groups who want to host this workshop for their audience. Please email for further information about hosting this workshop for your group.

We plan to launch an online version of this workshop soon. This online version will allow you to watch the videos from a previously held workshop in the convenience of your home.

​Overcoming resistance to change is possible.

​How much do painful feelings and thoughts from your past affect you in the present? 
You may also feel various anxieties and fears about your imagined future on a regular basis.

While these types of feelings and thoughts are common, they can minimize your ability to create the future you desire. 

You see, we create our experiences through our mind’s ability to concentrate, imagine, and suggest new possibilities. And when we feel good and think well, our mind can create better results than when our painful past or fears for the future prevail in the present. And overcoming the resistance to change becomes easier! 

However, as we continue to entertain unpleasant thoughts and feelings, our ability to create what we truly desire continues to appear more limited. This occurs as our minds protect us from our painful past and perceived fears about the future. The protection comes from our inner protectors or Guardians of Change which work to maintain our current status quo and even prevent our progress.

These 3 Guardians of Change function within our egos and protect us from 3 fears of insufficiency. These fears of insufficiency arise within us after painful experiences in our past and through imagined fears for our future. These fears lead us to think and feel that we are not good enough, not loved, and not safe.

If you want to achieve your goals and intentions for a brighter and more fulfilling future, changes must occur on many levels. Overcoming resistance to change is essential. Unfortunately, most people learn to focus most all of their efforts on external and observable changes. However, internal change is the prerequisite to transform your results.

This type of internal change requires you to transform your 3 Guardians of Change into Guardians for Change!

​If you are frustrated, stuck, or tired of limited success in your business and life…you can achieve your goals with greater ease and speed. This becomes possible when you experience the transformation of your Guardians of Change.

​Imagine if your best intentions became your reality in your work, relationships, and wellbeing… 

How wonderful will you feel when your professional and personal success provides much greater satisfaction and growth opportunities?

If you are tired of repeating and failing to achieve what you really want…experience the inner transformation of your Guardians by overcoming resistance to change!

In the Guardians of Change program, Dr. Paul Scheele will demonstrate how to accelerate progress towards your goals and improve your ability to:

  • Navigate around your mental and emotional blocks
  • Grow and progress in your professional and personal life
  • Transform your results into triumphant achievements

During this program, you observe how your Guardians can hold you back and hang onto historical habits long after they have lost their usefulness…and why your efforts to change often creates “more of the same” rather than liberating you to live your dreams.

Here is the good news…

You have resources already within you and Dr. Scheele can show you how to access and use these resources, so you experience more of your highest potential.

This transformative learning program helps you in overcoming resistance to change and:

  • ​Apply your mind’s resources to realize your desired future
  • ​Understand how to make faster progress towards your goals
  • ​Experience greater joy regardless of your circumstances, so you can create a better future
  • ​Stay on track when distractions occur, so your mind continues to work on what you want
  • ​Maintain your focus and efforts as you take the next step, so you reinforce positive changes

The workshop helps you resolve your incongruent ways of being as you approach each day. You learn to avoid patterns of self-sabotage that limit your ability to create your desires, achieve your intentions, and experience awesome results.

​Discover how to navigate the conflicts within your mind, so you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.

​​Dr. Paul Scheele shows you how to:

  • Minimize the struggle towards your intended future, so change becomes easier
  • Make your inner Guardians your allies, so you have internal support
  • Experience more of your true self as a conscious, whole, and creative being fully resourced and able to produce outstanding outcomes

Your gifts and talents are needed more than ever during this turning point in our world. You can live into your dreams and help create a brighter future for yourself and others.

As you acknowledge how you are worthy, loved, and safe through this program, you can transform your mind, habits, and results for the better.

And when you transform your Guardians of Change into Guardians for Change, you revitalize your body, energize your mind, and supercharge your positive emotions to experience expanded passion, peace, and prosperity as your constant companions.

When overcoming resistance to change is necessary, this workshop provides what you need to positively transform your results and life.

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