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Keynote Presentations by Dr. Paul Scheele

Paul R. Scheele, Ph.D., is a dynamic speaker, a business consultant, and an international best-selling author. He helps companies get brilliant results, accelerate learning, and improve communications as strategic objectives are achieved. 

His entertaining, experiential style of presentation engages audiences with clarity of insight, depth of relevance, thought-provoking humor, and inspiring calls to action.

Each presentation fulfills your needs, timeframes, and desired outcomes. Dr. Scheele’s keynotes and conference presentations are well regarded for his expertise in Human Innovation, Human Communication, and Human Achievement.


Your audience will discover how to apply their minds to be more creative, communicate better, and overcome challenges with greater ease.

Keynote Advantage Promise​

Hire Dr. Scheele for a keynote presentation when you want a captivating delivery style and authentic expertise in human innovation, communication, and achievement.

You also gain tremendous value from his 40 years of practice and scholarship in adult learning and human development, neuro and cognitive sciences, business consulting, leadership, and change.

Every presentation is crafted to meet your long-term objectives. Your audience will learn and leave motivated from his brain-based and accelerative learning presentation.

Each presentation integrates learning how to learn, how to work with the mind most effectively, and how to transfer learning into practice for immediate performance improvement.

Presentation Topics

Human Innovation: Boundless Creativity, Brilliant Minds, & Genius Solutions

The 200-year-old model of traditional learning has fallen behind the explosion of data, research, and innovations.

Tremendous scientific and technological breakthroughs now let us now tap into the remarkable capacities of the human mind for gaining access to its full potentials.

In school we were trained in rote memorization over deep inquiry, expertise of others over personal innovation, and standard rules over individual creativity. From an early age people are encouraged to do as they are told, play it safe, and don’t mess up. Learning became an activity to amass detailed information rather than a pursuit of active exploration to discover new potentials and implement innovative solutions.

The future emerging on the business landscape requires active engaged minds and accountable learning that allows companies and people to quickly adapt to change.

This presentation focuses on innovation at work, how to accelerate learning, and foster human development. Reclaim the brilliance within the mind and break through to new levels of effectiveness and performance at any endeavor. When you hire Dr. Paul Scheele our audience will be able to:

  • Overcome stress and overwhelm that shuts down the brain so they are more productive
  • Break through the barriers that keep them stuck in the “status quo” so they innovate effectively
  • Gain fresh insights to problems that plague your business, so your company remains competitive
  • Discover innovative approaches to accelerate learning so making changes for the better is easier
  • Implement a proven strategy for creative problem-solving so profitable answers emerge more quickly
Human Communication: Connections and Relations in Team Effectiveness

Back-stabbing, toxicity, bullying, passive-aggressive behaviors, power plays that block movement, and time-wasting in meetings are all too common in business today. The resulting disengagement of workers and lack of job satisfaction has reached historic levels.

Improving human communication in companies can propel sustainable success. 

Fortunately, we all possess a specialized part of the brain—the prefrontal cortex— that has evolved to help us communicate, connect within a community, and build culture. This can help your business be able to see the big picture, agree on outcomes, and collaborate across boundaries.

We can purposefully choose to create a business culture that favors clear, clean, and effective communications in an environment of encouragement and accountability.

Once toxic and ineffective work environments are addressed through specific practices, you can create a workplace where real work is completed in the most efficient way possible.

This presentation focuses on process skills to help people relate effectively, get problems solved, and bring your teams’ ideas to market. Hire Dr. Scheele to help your audience:

  • Recognize the 3 big fears that shut down human interactions, so more trust develops
  • Bring increased safety, inclusion, and positive engagement to communications so the best in everyone emerges
  • Discover the art of meaningful dialogue in meetings so the time well spent and produces results
  • Move quickly past stress to enhance daily performance so more powerful results happen more frequently
  • Improve adaptive leadership skills so the challenges of a complex marketplace can be solved

​Human Achievement: Engagement, Productivity and Success Practices in Changing Times

Taking action on strategic priorities involves changing the status quo. But we are creatures of habit with a built-in immunity to change that resists any rocking of the boat.

To achieve significant outcomes, we must train our inclinations toward adapting rather than seeking familiarity and comfort.

We must develop the habit of taking small next steps, steadily, every single day if we are to navigate toward a new future of success.

Leading change can create mistrust in anyone who doesn’t understand what they are doing or doesn’t believe in where they are going.

While many professionals don’t need motivational strategies, everyone needs to engage with others at work to get things done. Leaders must become facilitators of transformation and guide people through three specific stages when significant change is required.

This presentation focuses on how we deal with the disorienting and disruptive aspects of change in new ways to facilitate engagement and accomplish strategic objectives. Hire Dr. Scheele to show your participants how to:

  • Work with their brain’s natural defense to change so new and preferred results occur

  • Discover how their comfort zones are danger zones in rapidly changing times so they become more willing to adapt and win

  • Gain a roadmap for assessing and guiding the change process so they become more confident during implementation

  • Make learning and change easier to assimilate so your business can sustain long term success

  • Become more resilient to pressure so their productivity and achievement soars

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