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Most often, clients choose to purchase the Ultimate You Library of 50 Paraliminals®, which offers a significant discount of over 32% off when you compare what you would pay to purchase the individual titles.

You can give Paraliminals® a test-drive to discover how they can deliver rapid benefits in key areas of your life. Use the “Pick Three and Get One Free” option. For every four digital Paraliminals® you purchase, you will receive a credit back for one of the four Paraliminals® you ordered.

We will fulfill your Paraliminal order within 3 business days, placing your selected titles into your digital library, maintained by Dr. Scheele’s Paraliminal® publisher, Learning Strategies.

Discover more about the Ultimate You Library and each of the 56 Paraliminals® by clicking on the titles below and make your selections to gain desired improvements in your professional and personal life.


Learn more about how Dr. Paul Scheele developed Paraliminal® audio technology.

​​​10-Minute Supercharger Paraliminal
Paraliminal - Abundant Money Mindset
Paraliminal - Active Listening
​​​​​Anxiety Free Paraliminal
Automatic Pilot Paraliminal
​​​​​​​Belief Paraliminal
Break the Habit Paraliminal
​​​​​​​​​Conscious Time Paraliminal
Creating Sparks Paraliminal
Creativity Supercharger Paraliminal
Deep Relaxation
Dream Play
Paraliminal - Fearlessness
Financial Security Paraliminal
Paraliminal - Finding Treasure
Paraliminal - Finding Yourself
Five Elements Healing Paraliminal​
Focus & Concentration
Fresh Start
Get Around to It
Paraliminal - Happy Money
Ideal Weight
Paraliminal - Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
Intuition Amplifier
Paraliminal - Joy
Paraliminal - Living The Law Of Attraction
Memory Supercharger
Miracle Mindset
New Action Generator
New Behavior Generator
No Matter What
Peak Performance
Perfect Health
Paraliminal - Personal Genius
Paraliminal - Positive Relationships
Paraliminal - Power Thinking
Paraliminal - Prosperity
Recover & Reenergize
Paraliminal - Sales Leap
Seeing the Unseen
Paraliminal - Self-Actualization
Paraliminal - Self-Esteem Supercharger
Paraliminal - Simplicity
Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed
Paraliminal - Soul Of Money
Paraliminal - Success Built To Last
Paraliminal - Talking To Win
Paraliminal - The Ultimate You Library
Paraliminal - Wealth Motivator
Paraliminal - You Deserve It
Youthful Vitality

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