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Most often, clients choose to purchase the Ultimate You Library of 50 Paraliminals®, which offers a significant discount of over 32% off when you compare what you would pay to purchase the individual titles.

You can give ​Paraliminals® a test-drive to discover how ​they can deliver rapid benefits in key areas of your life. Use the “Pick Three and Get One Free” option. For every four digital Paraliminals® you purchase, you will receive a credit back for one of the four Paraliminals® you ordered.

We will fulfill your Paraliminal order within 3 business days, placing your selected titles into your digital library, maintained by Dr. Scheele’s Paraliminal® publisher, Learning Strategies.

Discover more about the Ultimate You Library and each of the 56 Paraliminals® by clicking on the titles below and make your selections to gain desired improvements in your professional and personal life.


​Learn more about how Dr. Paul Scheele developed Paraliminal® audio technology.

​​​10-Minute Supercharger Paraliminal
Abundant Money Mindset
​​​​​Anxiety Free Paraliminal
Automatic Pilot Paraliminal
​​​​​​​Belief Paraliminal
Break the Habit Paraliminal
​​​​​​​​​Conscious Time Paraliminal
Creating Sparks Paraliminal
Creativity Supercharger Paraliminal
Deep Relaxation
Dream Play
Financial Security Paraliminal
Euphoria Paraliminal
Five Elements Healing Paraliminal​
Focus & Concentration
Fresh Start
Get Around to It
Ideal Weight
Intuition Amplifier
Living the Law of Attraction
Memory Supercharger
Miracle Mindset
New Action Generator
New Behavior Generator
No Matter What
Peak Performance
Perfect Health
Personal Genius
Positive Relationships
Recover & Reenergize
Sales Leap
Seeing the Unseen
Self-Esteem Supercharger
Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed
Soul of Money
Wealth Motivator
You Deserve It!
Youthful Vitality

​​Paraliminal is a registered trademark owned by Learning Strategies Corporation, Dr. Paul Scheele’s publisher.