​New History Generator Paraliminal®

 ​New History Generator Paraliminal®

​New History Generator Paraliminal®

Reimagine Your Life for a Bright New Future!

Does your past seem like a shackle on your present and your future?

Do you feel stuck and unable to enjoy the life you desire?

If so, you can reimagine your past. This can make a significant difference to ensure a brighter future.

The ability to reimagine your life allows you to move beyond the emotional wounds from past experiences that can negatively influence your present and future success.

As you listen to the New History Generator Paraliminal®, you transform negative emotions into how you prefer to feel and create a vision for the future you desire.

How to Reimagine Your Life

Your past is made up of experiences that contains lessons and memories coupled with emotions that your mind can replay. Sometimes a memory of the past is different than what actually occurred. In fact, it is very likely that when you ask another person who shares one of your experiences, that they remember things differently than you do.

The good news is that you are different now and can choose to remember things in whole new ways that serve you better. This Paraliminal® helps you rewrite your own history, as it shows you how to:

  • Move past the habitual replay of negative memories and emotions so you retain the learning and release the pain of your past experiences. 
  • Use the learning from your past to shape your decisions so you are emotionally free to create a wonderful future.
  • Access your intuitive mind to make good choices that lead to positive results.
  • Focus on what works so you develop greater confidence and capacities.
  • Eliminate anxieties about the future so you can courageously go beyond your comfort zone.

Reimagine your life as your mind generates new history with your past memories.

Get the New History Generator!

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