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Hitting the Wall (and Finding a next step)

There are times when resources are depleted, when we are out of time or options, and desperation sets in. Physically, during a marathon it’s called “hitting the wall” when the muscles have burned all available energy ...continue->

Embodied Wisdom

My son’s frustration after college showed as he complained, “How can a college grad apply for a job when employers insist on ‘2 years experience’? I can’t have experience in a field unless a business will ...continue->

Creativity & Problem Solving – Step 3

Knowing when you have the “right” solution is often more than rational and logical. There is a “felt shift” that occurs that signals the “Eureka! I’ve Found IT!” experience. Step 3: Implement Your Solution Plan Studying ...continue->

Creativity & Problem Solving – Step 2

Exploring possible solutions is the best part of any problem-solving activity. But don’t let your enthusiasm send you down a blind alley. Keep in mind: Our current problems are the unintended consequences of our prevailing problem-solving ...continue->

Flipping The Classroom

It’s easy to get good at what you need to do. Don’t worry if it didn’t happen in school. The classroom was always meant to be a place where readily available resources (books, materials, subject-matter experts) ...continue->

Stay Oriented During Confusion

How do you start a training program? If you acknowledge how far someone has come in order to be here now, you are reinforcing the fact that valuable resources are already in place and working successfully. ...continue->