Active Listening Paraliminal®

Active Living Paraliminal®

Active Listening Paraliminal®

Foster Clear Communications

Each exchange with others benefits when what is shared is fully understood. When you apply active listening to these exchanges, you can also facilitate your success and improve your relationships.

Active listening clarifies the other person’s thoughts and opinions. In the process of active listening, you understand who they are and their needs at a deeper level. This can improve collaborative efforts, solve issues, and lead to better results.

Our minds are busy and without actively listening, we can attend to other thoughts and miss the meaning in a communication. This Paraliminal helps your nonconscious mind become an attentive listener, even during conflicts and disagreements.

The Active Listening Paraliminal supports your ability to:

  • Sense and respond to the intention behind the words, so it becomes easier to make progress.
  • Remain curious and receptive, so you can learn from communications.
  • Develop more rapport, so others become more receptive to you.
  • Be kind and respectful with others, so they know, like, and trust you.
  • Let go of distractions, so you can truly hear the other person.
  • Pause and digest what is said, so you avoid misunderstandings.
  • Be attentive to others regardless of their identity.
Learn to start actively listening and reap vast rewards today!

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