Happy Money Paraliminal®

Happy Money Paraliminal®

Happy Money Paraliminal®

Open to the flow of money

When you change how you look at money, your work and personal life can change. The flow of money reflects how you are looking at life.

When you have a sense of scarcity, difficult emotions can rule over the results you seek. The Happy Money Paraliminal transforms negative emotional states that can hold you back. Imagine how powerful it would be to feel joy as you take care of your financial affairs.

Your relationship with money can improve your success, relationships, health, and growth. This occurs when you maintain uplifting emotions that keep you in the flow of life.

Happiness and prosperity are yours to enjoy when you stay in joy and maintain a receptivity for more abundance to flow to you.

Ken Honda, the author of a best-selling book called, Happy Money, has found that the feeling of being content leads to growth of your financial resources.

He collaborated with Dr. Scheele to create the Happy Money Paraliminal. Ken has authored more than 60 best-selling books in Japan on subjects such as, working, finding balance, attaining wealth, and experiencing happiness. He is wealthy and owns an accounting company, management consulting firm, and a venture capital corporation plus other types of business. Ken also has one of the most listened to podcasts in Japan.

Ken and Dr. Scheele use concepts from his Happy Money book to help your nonconscious mind to view of money with joy. When you listen to this Paraliminal, you can:

  • Become content with your current financial resources, so a more positive emotional state helps you get into the flow of prosperity.
  • Experience the energy and consciousness that can support you.
  • Find rewarding opportunities that increase your prosperity.
  • Advance your happiness by helping others.
  • Attract the people and experiences that are meaningful to you.
  • Welcome the element of luck as you pursue your dreams.
  • Take courageous action with confidence.
  • Generate a sense of trust that your life can produce the best.

Imagine paying all your bills with a happy heart, regardless of the type of expense. This Paraliminal can change how you look at money and uplift your emotional state, so it becomes easier to experience abundance.

Listen to the Happy Money Paraliminal today and start improving your flow of money!

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