​​​Soul of Money Paraliminal®

Soul of Money

​​​Soul of Money Paraliminal®

Clearing Abundance Blocks to Create a Prosperous Life

Money is a powerful tool that helps you achieve the life that you desire and attain the resources needed to grow your business. But, fears of insufficiency create mental hang-ups or abundance blocks that prevents them from using money for its intended purpose and to its full potential.

Money is currency—from the root word “current”—which means flow. Money must flow in order to serve business and an economy. As with water or blood, stopping the flow leads to stagnation, toxicity, and death.

Fears about money, either mythical or real, can hinder your success. Fortunately, these abundance blocks can be overcome. As you listen to the Soul of Money Paraliminal®, you hear the key to clearing abundance blocks as well as how to allow money to benefit your business and personal life in the best possible ways.

The Key to Clearing Abundance Blocks

What you appreciate appreciates. As you approach money from an appreciation of the greatfullness and sufficiency of your life, you can release what holds you back and create the prosperous life you desire. This Paraliminal® generates a new, beneficial relationship with money, as well as how to:

  • Align your money with the things that you value the most so your money brings you more happiness. 
  • Let go of the "more is better" mentality so you appreciate and enjoy the things that you have.
  • Recognize the good that money creates and the blessings it brings about, so you view your money in a more positive light.
  • Develop a sense of gratitude that makes you more receptive to the prosperity in your life.
  • Leverage your money to build a positive legacy that serves both you and many generations that come after you.

Money is a powerful tool, but, like any tool, it must be used (not coveted or hoarded) to bring about the most value. This Paraliminal® helps expand your awareness and appreciation of money as a means to greater benefits in business and life.

Work on clearing abundance blocks today!

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