Dream Play Paraliminal®

 Dream Play Paraliminal®

Dream Play Paraliminal®

Do You Want to Learn How to Recall Dreams?

Dreams are a vehicle of the nonconscious. They allow you to explore your nonconscious mind in order to solve problems, tap into your creativity, and harness your inner strength in a way that can be highly informative and supportive.

Most people let their dreams come and go without trying to influence them, learn from them, or even recall them when they wake up. However, as you listen this Paraliminal®, the messages within the recording guide your dreams to be of greater value to you. This allows you to explore and draw insight from your dreams with greater proficiency.

How to Recall Dreams and Learn from Them

The ability to instruct, recall, and interpret your dreams provides a powerful tool to help you be more intuitive and decisive. This Paraliminal® enables you to navigate your dreams in a fun and useful way, as you discover how to:

  • Integrate what you learn during the daytime, so you improve your skills while you sleep.
  • Apply solutions to problems you face in your dreams, so you are more effective when you wake up.
  • Develop your ability to have lucid dreams, so you can have more fun, learn, and get better rest.
  • Tap into your creativity in your dreams to make your dreams a powerful source of inspiration and imagination.
  • Make new choices about how you respond to events, so you test possibilities for change.

As you discover how to recall and program dreams, your interactions with the dream world becomes more entertaining and insightful. Make your dreams your own personal playground and open the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

Learn How to Recall Dreams!

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