Conscious Time Paraliminal®

​​​​​​​​​Conscious Time Paraliminal

​​Conscious Time Paraliminal®

​Accomplish What You Value in the Time You Have Available!

Time management is often said to be one of the most important keys to success. However, how you value time is a more significant factor to consider when feel you lack enough time to accomplish something.

While a to-do list is helpful, it is how you consciously choose to use your time that promotes the completion of what you value and want to achieve.

When you ask yourself, “how can I manage my time better?” this Paraliminal shifts how you make meaning of time and how you make meaning of the relationship between time and money.

As you listen to this Paraliminal®, you discover how to make wiser and more effective use of your time by conscious choice.

The Question Changes from “How Can I Manage My Time” to "How Can I Value My Time More"

Conscious time choices allow you to make the most of your days. This Paraliminal® helps you become aware of the assumptions you hold about your available time and your choices about how to spend it, as it enables you to:

Discern and eliminate the common distractions that consume your valuable time, so you can focus on what's important and complete your priorities.

Realize what truly brings you joy and happiness, so your work and leisure time bring beneficial results.

Find the purpose in your activities so you can choose to make the most of each day.

Create routines, practices, and habits that serve as tools to help you reach your goals.

Overcome any belief that you lack enough time, so you tackle ambitious and big goals with enthusiasm.

Change the way you look at and value your time. You can see a whole new perspective on your available time and use this perspective to dramatically improve your results.

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