Five Elements Healing Paraliminal®

 Five Elements Healing Paraliminal®

Five Elements Healing Paraliminal​®

​Five Elements Healing​

The concept of five elements healing comes from Chinese medicine and how your health relates to the elements of water, metal, fire, earth, and wood.

Each of these five elements corresponds to five positive emotional states. The Five Elements Healing Paraliminal® brings you into greater emotional balance between these states, so your body has a greater capacity to heal itself. It energizes these positive emotions, gratitude, contentment, peace, joy, and happiness, so you improve your well-being and health.

Health issues often involve a restriction in the flow of energy. As you increase your positive emotions, you can release these energetic restrictions which makes it easier for your body to experience greater well-being.

As you listen to this Paraliminal®, you can experience these benefits:

  • Feel more happiness each day, so you enjoy your life more.
  • Improve your well-being, so your body functions well.
  • Increase your energy, so you can quickly restore yourself after exertion.
  • Maintain a flow state as you move through your day, so you stay on course with your priorities.
  • Appreciate all the goodness present in your life, so you focus on what works and build upon it.
  • Have more confidence in your health, so concerns about health can vaporize.
  • Find more contentment with your work and life, so you have more pleasant days.

Bring yourself into greater emotional balance and support your body’s ability to heal itself with this Paraliminal®. You can feel greater mental clarity and inner peace. When you want to experience more joy and passion plus greater vitality, this Paraliminal® session can be of tremendous support for you and your well-being.

Release your wellness concerns and build a strong commitment to your life and work as you listen to Five Elements Healing.

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