Want to Achieve Your Goals? Loosen the Grip of Your Conscious Mind!

By Paul R. Scheele Ph.D. | Articles

In many ways your body is smarter than your conscious mind will ever be. The uncommon genius of your body (PQ = Physical Intelligence) can be observed in many of life’s endeavors. Even more obvious is how the mind, when employed improperly, will obstruct what the body can easily accomplish.

A patient going into surgery with a positive expectancy recovers faster with fewer complications. A golfer concerned about a water hazard will likely focus more attention on not hitting a bad shot and flub it.

When interviewing a world-class big-wave surfer I asked what he thinks when catching a 20-foot wave.

He replied, “Think? You can’t think. One intruding thought can kill you! You must stay in the present moment. The body will do the rest.”

Step Past Your Conscious Mind, Discover Your Genius

Success in the most challenging tasks in life are most likely to be achieved when we can:

  • see the result in mind
  • feel the success of accomplishing it
  • believe with your whole heart and mind that you can do it
  • let it go. Only then can the nonconscious mind which operates the body do its work.

Letting go of the overly dominant conscious mind—the most limited part of our cognitive capacities—may be the most difficult and most important step we can take to accomplish success. A mentor of mine in the field of hypnosis used the formula: Want it to happen, Expect it to happen, Get out of the way and Let it happen.”

If you’ve ever experienced “beginner’s luck,” you witnessed how the body, unfettered by negative expectations, or worries of the conscious mind, can beat a much more skilled and seasoned opponent. In my Abundance for Life home study course, I detailed how my friend Mark Orth proved this point.

Mark, a skilled therapist, demonstrated what he could accomplish if he had no stories about “what couldn’t be done.” For his demonstration, he applied for and got the job as a salesman at a luxury automobile dealership. He had never sold a car before. His manager, and many of the seasoned salesmen told him not to expect much. One person told him, “It could take 3 years in this business before you have enough contacts to succeed.”

In his first 45 days of selling, Mark outsold the combined total sales of the entire sales staff—by a significant margin! He merely maintained focus on helping clients attain their desires and showed them how they could.

A Japanese woman, trained in PhotoReading, was invited to a demonstration of her nonconscious mind’s abilities. The interviewer in the television broadcast in Tokyo brought her to a batting cage to hit a fast-pitched baseball from a pitching machine. The interviewer failed in four consecutive pitches to connect his bat with a ball, at one point falling backwards in fear of his proximity to the blazing speed of the ball whizzing past him.

The diminutive young woman, who had never swung a bat in her life, merely watched as two pitches zoomed past her. On the next four pitches she swung and successfully connected with every ball.

Beginner’s luck? Or is this the uncommon genius of the body, unencumbered by the limitations of the conscious mind?

During a “Zen Archery” class, I was shown how to stand, nock an arrow, draw the bow, and release the arrow. Keeping both eyes open to observe the flight path of the arrow, I was able to repeatedly group all five arrows in a narrow pattern on the target. Success in shooting consistently was in the “art of the draw”—letting the movements be compact and precisely repeated.

What beyond-genius result will you be able to achieve when you lose the limitations of your conscious mind’s worries, fears, concerns, doubts, a negative internal dialogue? Imagine achieving your goal as you immerse yourself in what you see and feel when the successful accomplishment of it has been realized. Believe with your whole heart that this success can be yours. Then let it go. Let the nonconscious resources within you take charge of finding the best ways and means to accomplish it.

Put your attention on doing what is yours to do. Follow the guidance from within to proceed with a “beginner’s mind,” unobstructed by the limitations of your conscious concerns.

Enjoy your success.

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