Spirit in Nature: Deeply Experience the Divine

Power of Spiritual Experiences in Nature

The ​Power of Spiritual Experiences in Nature

​The natural world contains powerful energies to help you reduce stress, maintain focus and find joy. As you choose to engage in practices that foster spiritual experiences in nature, this can provide benefits to your business and personal life.

Spiritual experiences in nature inspire some of the most influential writings, beautiful artwork, and helpful innovations in the world. In this audio and transcript, you discover how to experience more inspiration from nature that fosters greater enjoyment and fulfillment even if you spend your day inside.

Have Spiritual Experiences in Nature

You were born with the senses to interact with nature in powerful ways. When you use the techniques of creative inquiry, this reveals meaningful metaphors within nature to better understand issues and find solutions.

Listen or read how to:

  • Connect with nature so that you can create greater balance between your business and personal life. 
  • Practice meditation to decipher divine wisdom within the natural world.
  • Use your body’s natural process of breathing to experience the movement of energy so you can tap it as you move through your day.
  • Bring spiritual experiences in nature before you begin to work, so you can improve your results and achieve real economic value.
  • Understand four energetic domains through which energies come to you and use these your energy and state of mind.

The wisdom within nature is available for you as you actively choose to engage with nature.

As you connect with nature, your breath, and experience the fullness within a moment, you tap into a power that is much greater than your own. Discover how to use this power to live a more successful, abundant, and enjoyable life.

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