Daily Health Practices

Daily Health Practices

​Discover Healthful Practices

​Your mind and the body connect through deeply complex processes. Each day your thoughts and emotions produce a powerful biochemical cocktail that affects your health and healing.

There are various ways that you can integrate healthful practices each day and experience lasting, beneficial results in your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. In this recording and transcript, you also learn how to use this knowledge to address negative emotions. 

How Thoughts Affect Physiology

You have the incredible ability to heal many ailments when you know how to guide your mind and give helpful directions to your body. Discover how your thoughts affect your physiology and healthful practices that can help you:

  • Overcome uncertainty, stress, anxiety, low confidence, and low energy through your thoughts and actions so you can live a more fulfilling and happy life. 
  • Enhance your physical health using a wide range of rituals, processes, and strategies.
  • Use your diet and exercise to improve your mental and physical wellbeing.
  • Work with people who dwell on their problems and avoid their potentially harmful influence.
  • Ensure that you create a biochemical health cocktail that encourages healing, health, and happiness each day.

 You can learn a quick and easy way to enhance the positive benefits from your food at each meal. Also you can hear about a quick test to determine if you need to drink more water.

Discover the morning rituals Dr. Paul Scheele uses on a daily basis to help ensure he maximizes the goodness he experiences and minimizes the impact of any dilemmas that show up.

When you understand how your thoughts can affect your physiology and use the information in this recording to implement healthful practices, you can boost your ability to thrive.

Listen and tap into the full healing potential within your mind and body.

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