HeartMath with Dr. Deborah Rozman

Power of Heart Coherence

​Discover the Power of Heart Coherence

​When the heart and mind work together in coherence or in harmony you can access higher powers of perception. While many people want to improve their mental powers, it is less common for people to consider how their heart can empower the quality of their results.

As you learn how to work with the energies of your heart, you can experience greater insights, meaningful intuition, and better decision-making.

Heart coherence offers you the potential to heal emotional pain and improve your emotional and spiritual life, plus much more. In this audio and transcript, you learn how to open up your heart, experience heart coherence, and access your heart’s healing energy.

The Benefits of Heart Coherence

Many people experience high levels of continual stress. Heart coherence can lower stress and lead to a calmer mind. This can also be very helpful for your ability to improve your health.

As you learn about the benefits of heart coherence, you also discover how to access the heart’s intelligence and how to:

  • Open your heart so you can enjoy the healing benefits of heart coherence and transform the harmful energies of negative emotions. 
  • Tap into your heart energy when you are at a low point for a beneficial spiritual and emotional boost.
  • Use your heart energy to overcome and release emotional wounds from your past.
  • Sustain energies of love, gratitude, and joy that can help you be resilient when you experience hardships.
  • Help others open up their hearts so that they reap the benefits of heart coherence.

The power and energy of your heart plays a crucial role in your wellbeing and your success. It provides an internal GPS system for you to navigate with greater ease in business and in your personal life. Discover how your heart and its energy can help you overcome obstacles and succeed.

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