Healing Yourself and Others

Healing Yourself and Others

​​Your Innate Healing Power

You can learn how to tap into your innate healing power to address a wide range of conditions and live a healthier, happier life. Listen to this recording and read the transcript to discover effective self-healing methods and ways you can facilitate healing in other people.

Your body and mind have natural abilities to heal. Learn what specific people did to overcome major injuries and illnesses. From major burns to catastrophic accidents, these people demonstrate the application of amazing innate healing power. They challenged medical professionals and gave themselves a new lease on a healthy life through their innate healing power.

Heal Yourself and Others with Innate Healing Power

There are many methods that are very useful to heal and recover from an illness or injury. A single touch or thought is beneficial to restore healthy vitality in some situations.

You also discover how to:

  • Have the best type of attitude as someone who wishes to heal themselves and others, so good results occur. 
  • Use positive thoughts in the healing process, so you can sustain a helpful mindset.
  • Break up energy blockages through Qigong methods and your innate healing power, so a healthy flow returns to areas of discomfort and disfunction.
  • Begin the process of healing when you or someone else needs to heal, so you enhance your efforts to restore wellbeing.
  • Work with your mental representations and distinctions about what needs healing, so your innate healing power is more effective. 

As you learn how to heal yourself and others, you develop a priceless talent that provides you with greater health and happiness.

Get this recording and transcript and access more of your innate healing power.

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