Wisdom within Your Genius Body

​​Wisdom Within Your Genius Body

​​Wisdom is a concept that most people tend to associate with learning from experience and their mind. However, there is vital wisdom to tap into that involves your genius body as well. This body wisdom is beyond time and space.

Your body wisdom receives pure information without a need to filter it through the mind. This merits your attention and practice to access a realm of pure imagination that can lead you to greater success.

In this audio and transcript, learn about techniques to use and confirm your body’s wisdom. This can amplify the wisdom within your mind that you rely on to make good decisions and take effective action.

​The Power of Body Wisdom

​Your body wisdom comes from the imaginal realm. This can offer highly valuable insights about different situations you experience. In this recording and transcript, you can discover how to:

  • Use the wisdom of your genius body to change old habits, addictions, fears, and negative emotions.
  • Identify the subjective experience of body wave communication so that you can recognize and confirm when your body tries to communicate something important.
  • Take specific steps to access the wisdom of your genius body when you need answers.
  • Receive brilliant insights and inspiration more frequently to create new opportunities in which you can succeed.
  • Engage in a trusted and repeatable exercise that enables you to advance your body wisdom.

Learn how to confirm the accuracy and truth of information from your genius body and develop skills to apply what you receive. This allows you to access an entirely new well of wisdom to inform your decisions in different aspects of your business and life.

Your body wisdom waits for you to listen. Listen or read about this topic to propel your goals.

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