Transforming through Eidectic Imagery

Transforming through Eidetic Imagery

​Individual Transformation through Eidetic Imagery

​Your eyes take in more information per second than any other sensory system. Yet, you remain consciously unaware of a vast amount of the information within these images. There is simply too much information to consciously process in any given moment.

However, what your mind remembers as images from your past and sees as images in the present plays a significant role in your current perceptions and how you respond to situations. Eidetic imagery is a powerful tool to improve your understanding about how you can transform your results.

Learn to use imagery to achieve a lasting individual transformation that will boost your happiness, improve your outlook, and better your life.

The Power of Eidetic Imagery

Eidetic imagery can help you overcome different types of barriers and see new perspectives. Experience the difference between visualizations and eidetic imagery.

Listen and learn how you can achieve individual transformation through eidetic imagery. Also discover how to:

  • Work with affirmations and imagery to boost your success with goals and results.
  • Use imagery to focus on your body image and health so you improve your wellbeing.
  • Let go of fears so that you can facilitate success.
  • Experience three different eidetic image. 
  • Allow your higher self to inform you through eidetic imagery.

The use of eidetic imagery as a powerful tool is a promising development in human development. 

This recording offers three different eidetic experiences so you can get familiar with the transformation that is possible through eidetic imagery.

Achieve new individual transformation through eidetic imagery.

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