Power of Deep Dialogue

​Deep Dialogue and Its Healing Power

​Discover how deep dialogue can heal, positively influence the lives of others, and help you succeed. The ability to engage in deeper conversations can bring about more beneficial results in business success and relationship satisfaction.

In this audio and transcript, you explore the 4 different stages of listening and the art of inquiry. When you learn to improve how you listen, you can create more opportunities to thrive in the future. You also learn the critical difference between when you take a stand versus when you take a position in a conversation.

Practice Deep Dialogue to Find Solutions

In many situations, people engage in mental habits that prevent a deeper dive. As you become aware of these habits of mind, you can shift how you ask and answer questions.

Deep dialogue can uncover a higher good that wants to emerge. You can connect with people on a more meaningful level. In this transcript and audio, you discover how to listen for genius and how to:

  • Minimize reactions to triggers during difficult communications, so the conversation becomes more productive. 
  • Use the 4 stages of listening to better understand what a person says so you create a more powerful bond with them.
  • Communicate with challenging people to foster solutions and minimize problems.
  • Apply the 4 agreements to sustain helpful dialogues and rewarding relationships.
  • Recognize when someone attempts to control a conversation and stay in the inquiry process to promote better communication.

When you learn how to engage in deeper, more meaningful conversation with others, you can use the new insights to further progress and deepen relationships.

Unlock the Healing Power of Deep Dialogue!

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