Healing Relationship Dysfunction

​How to Heal Relationships

​Relationships are ideally a source of happiness and joy. Unfortunately, relationships can break apart when communication problems arise. Far too often, when this occurs, our most important relationships can be a source of great pain and sadness.

The good news is that you can learn how to heal relationships and create more joy in your relationships with others. In this recording and transcript, you can also discover the keys of nonverbal communication and how to foster relationships that will bring you happiness and love.

Learn What to Do When Communication Breaks Down

When you learn how to handle problems when a relationship is under stress, the impact on you and the other person can be profound. Discover approaches build positive relationships and how to:

  • Heal broken relationships and bring the people you love back into your life. 
  • Work with dysfunctional behaviors in significant relationships that want to keep so that you can move past obstacles that keep your relationship in a danger zone.
  • Use the four important relationship commitments to create deeper, longerlasting bonds with people you care about in your personal and professional life.
  • Prevent harmful verbal communication and stop the potential destruction of an important relationship before it begins.
  • Move past dysfunctional perceptions of others so that you foster beneficial relationships.

Being able to heal and move past the problems you have with others is one of the most important keys to a happy and peaceful life.

Learn an exercise taken from Gestalt therapy to work through relationship problems and create a safe container to engage in a deep dialogue that clears up issues and reestablishes communication.

Whether you want to heal a deeply damaged relationship or enhance a positive relationship, you can reap tremendous benefits when you learn how to improve communications.

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