Discover Your Brilliance

Discover Your Brilliance with Coaching

Millions of people around the world benefit from Dr. Paul Scheele’s work.

This digital self-study program helps you discover your brilliance and reap rich rewards of greater wealth, better health, rewarding relationships, and spiritual growth through a series of 12 digital recordings with Dr. Paul Scheele. You can learn how to:

  • Access your unique genius, so you can solve issues.
  • Apply new skills in different aspects of your professional and personal life, so you enjoy each day more.
  • Acquire proven methods to create prosperity, so your experiences are more rewarding.

You can apply your genius mind and succeed in different areas of your life through the Discover Your Brilliance digital program!

“Paul Scheele’s uncommon genius will blow you away. He is one of the world’s great visionaries of human development.”  Jack Canfield Co-author, The Success Principles™, Chicken Soup for the Soul® series

In this digital program, you learn how to respond brilliantly to obstacles, circumstances, or challenges. This becomes possible as you access the tools and techniques in the 4 modules of the Discover Your Brilliance program.

Here are the topics in the 4 Modules of the Discover Your Brilliance program:


Abundant Prosperity

Mental Prosperity Audio Session
In this first recording, you learn to develop a prosperous mindset. Dr. Scheele answers a series of questions that provide insights for you to breakthrough your mental blocks to prosperity and succeed with greater ease.

Feelings of Abundance Audio Session
In this second recording, you discover how to move away from a feeling of a lack of prosperity towards a feeling of greater abundance. Dr. Scheele shares information about how to emotionally shift gears and support the transition between feeling the despair of lack to feeling the joy of prosperity.

Presencing the Source of Abundance Audio Session
In this third recording, you hear about the practice of presencing, a process to connect with Source and attract greater prosperity. Dr. Paul Scheele explains how to Source can guide you to reclaim your abundance and create a life of prosperity.


Health Prosperity

Wisdom of the Genius Body Audio Session
In this forth recording, you learn about the wisdom within your genius body. Dr. Scheele shares how to access the deep knowing that expands your brilliance.

Mental Hygiene and Brain Longevity Audio Session
In this fifth recording, you discover how you can keep your brain and mental abilities working well into your 100’s. Dr. Paul Scheele offers powerful principles for good mental hygiene as you awaken each morning and fall asleep each night plus much more.

The Perfect Health Cocktail Audio Session
In this sixth recording, Dr. Paul Scheele explains how you can create a perfect health cocktail to reduce stress and enhance your health. What you consume each day either creates robust health and high-level wellness or it reduces your wellbeing.


Relationships Prosperity

Hypnotic Communications Audio Session
In this seventh recording, Dr. Paul Scheele explains how you can tap the power of hypnosis to improve your communication. You discover how to have a better relationship with yourself and others.

Relational Processes Audio Session
In this 8th recording, Dr. Paul Scheele answers questions about how to improve your relationships. You can find new and improved ways communicate whether you want to meet your soul-mate, be a better parent, or see your children off to college.

Social Justice Audio Session
In this ninth recording, Dr. Paul Scheele gives you 11 words that transform judgment and advance social justice. This recording offers a quantum field approach to create global social justice.


Growth Prosperity

Spiritual Masterminds Audio Session
In this tenth recording, Dr. Paul Scheele guides you to create a spiritual master mind group for support. Many spiritual traditions ways to connect with Source.

Art of Spiritual Practices Audio Session
In this eleventh recording, Dr. Paul Scheele addresses the art of spiritual practices that facilitate your growth. You learn about critical reflection to promote spiritual fulfillment and a fuller expression of your desired life you.

Opening Your Heart Audio Session
In this twelfth and final recording, you hear Dr. Paul Scheele talk about how to open the intelligence and healing energy of your heart. Dr. Deborah Rozman from the Institute of HeartMath, joins Paul in this session.

“Paul Scheele’s expertise provides individuals and organizations the vital wisdom about the mind, to produce amazing results.”  T.Harv Eker NY Times #1 Best-selling Author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind and Founder of Peak Potentials Training 
"Paul Scheele is one of the rare individuals who ‘walks his talk.’ Find a way to study this man’s processes."  Hale Dwoskin President, Sedona Press & Sedona Training Associates Publishers of The New York Times Best Seller The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-being and #1 Best Selling, Happiness Is Free
Here is what comes with this digital program:
  • 12 hours of audio sessions* in which Dr. Scheele shares his expertise and answers questions to help you discover your brilliance.
  • 12 playbook learning guides to apply what Dr. Scheele shares in your work and life.
  • 4 journals of prosperity where you capture your insights, so you can be more brilliant and successful.
  • 4 MAPS of Prosperity are where you can design your personal plan for a more prosperous future.

*Each digital recording includes a guided meditation to help you be in an ideal state for transformative learning.

I love the magical effect Paul Scheele has had on my life and the lives of my friends and colleagues. I recommend his work to everyone I know.”  Marci Shimoff, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul, Featured Teacher in The Secret Author, Happy for No Reason. 
“Paul Scheele teaches you how to access and apply your amazing inner resources to create everything you want in your life. Using his leading-edge information and enlightened guidance, your life will truly transform.”  Marcia Martin, Vice President Transformational Leadership Council

This digital program also includes the Drop Into Genius eBook with video introductions and guided meditations.

In Drop Into Genius, Dr. Scheele shares how you can experience amazing brilliance to learn, heal, and transform. Dr. Paul Scheele’s life is a shining example of what a person can do when they access the genius within.

While his clients, colleagues, and audiences agree he is one the brightest men they know, few realize that Paul had his own learning challenges. Drop Into Genius gives you the practices he found that overcome different types of challenges so you can discover your brilliance.

Discover Your Brilliance includes a 30-minute personal coaching session with Cheryl Valk

Cheryl is Paul Scheele’s business partner and the Vice President of Scheele Learning Systems. She coaches and mentors entrepreneurs and looks forward to coaching you. Cheryl is highly successful with many valuable contributions in several diverse fields, such as medical research, management, sales, entrepreneuism, and human development. $150 value

The audio sessions, playbooks, journals, and maps have a value of over $300. When you consider the additional value of the two additional bonuses that come with the Discover Your Brilliance program:

  • The Drop Into Genius eBook, video introductions and meditations valued at $50.
  • A 30-minute personal coaching session with Paul’s business partner, Cheryl Valk that you would normally pay $150.
The total value you receive with the Discover Your Brilliance digital program and these bonuses is worth over $500!

All parts of the program will be delivered in a digital format – no shipping – no waiting!

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