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Genius Code® Home Course

Need to find your genius to grow your business?

Find Your Genius to Accelerate Your Success

​Competition in business is at an all-time high. As an entrepreneur, you are probably working lots of hours and wearing many hats.

Many days may feel as if you’re going nowhere as you deal with employee and vendor issues in the midst of your efforts to grow your business.

Perhaps, you’ve wondered how billionaire entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates continue to achieve their success and overcome various obstacles.

It may seem as if they all have some supernatural talent.

We believe there is nothing supernatural about their success and…they just found their genius!

You can learn to find your genius as an entrepreneur!

Find Your Genius so You Can Conquer Your Challenges

The Experience Your Business Genius digital program includes the Genius Code® digital home study course which helps you access and apply your genius mind to solve the challenges you face as an entrepreneur. 

Groundbreaking research by Dr. Win Wenger and Dr. Paul Scheele demonstrates that the remarkable capabilities and results of some of the most successful entrepreneurs and thought leaders reflects their mental approach and methods.

We believe you can learn to find your genius and discover new opportunities for you that lead to greater success.

The secret is learning processes such as Image Streaming and practicing specific exercises that can take you from ordinary to extraordinary outcomes.

This program will show you how to make the most from image streaming and the other techniques.

You see, each second your body sends millions of bits of information to your brain. Yet, you are only conscious of perhaps a few dozen bits at any given moment.

This flow of information is the "image stream” and when you practice Image Streaming you can:

Accelerate your learning so you to stay better informed and more competitive.

  • Harness your sixth sense and use it to develop your business intuition.
  • Develop extraordinary self-confidence to conquer your toughest business challenges.
  • Experience greater creativity so you can solve your problems.
  • Reap greater rewards from your entrepreneurial efforts to succeed.
  • Achieve goals using the power of your own mind and the information within it.

These benefits can be applied to throughout your life, from business and entrepreneurship to your personal goals and relationships.

Here is what you get in the digital Genius Code® Main Course.

8 digital audios that teach you to:

  • Image Stream to find your genius so you can succeed with less effort.
  • Use the Over-the-Wall Exercise and find answers to your dilemmas.
  • Learn the basics of PhotoReading® and apply the High Think Tank Exercises to expedite more effective learning and thinking.
  • Make dreaming a time for solving issues so your workdays are more enjoyable.
  • Practice the Borrowed Genius & Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder to allow your imagination to see the solutions you need.

You’ll also get the Genius Code® Paraliminal® digital recording, a digital Course Manual, and the Think Visually mini-book! 

When you select the Deluxe Version of the Genius Code® digital home study course you get everything in the Main Course plus:

  • 2 Genius Code® Live ​digital videos from a live training facilitated by Dr. Paul Scheele that walk you through learning step-by-step all the techniques within the course.
  • An Accelerator Course with 8 digital audios that enhance your ability to make finding your Genius Code® easier.
  • The digital 30-Day High Think Tank Challenge Kit that allows you to see the bigger opportunity picture.
Plus, when you purchase the Deluxe Genius Code® digital home study course through this website, you can attend the Experience Your Business Genius coaching series with Dr. Paul Scheele and listen to the recordings for free. 
Discover what your mind can do once you find your genius!

Get the Experience Your Business Genius program now and achieve the business results you desire!

If you wait too long to find your genius, your competitors and the challenges you face may thwart your best efforts to succeed.

Order the Experience Your Business Genius program today and get ready for the experience of more success, greater ease, and the results you’ve longed for in business. 

P.S. Remember the digital home study course will also teach you the basic techniques of PhotoReading®, a system Dr. Scheele developed for getting the information you need in the time you have available!

  • Option 1: Get the Main Version of the Genius Code® digital home study course!
  • Option 2: Get the Deluxe Version of the Genius Code® digital home study course plus attend a future Brilliant Entrepreneur coaching series with Dr. Paul Scheele and listen to the recordings for free.
Find Your Genius with the Main Course or with the Deluxe version!

Information about accessing this digital product will be emailed to you after your purchase.

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