Empowered Business Mindsets

Empowered Business Mindsets

Are you challenged, burned out, or worried?

If any or all of these mental states are true for you, this program is perfect for you!

Today, these mental states in business and life are far too common due to the magnitude of multiple issues that affect how we work and live.

Despite all the world is going through, there is an optimal way to navigate your journey forward and…

Realize the Results You Intend to Create!

You see, a mental state is influenced by the mindsets and habits you maintain.

Your mindsets become your habits of expectation about how you and the world operate.

When you change these habits of expectation, your mindsets improve your mental states and your ability to achieve your desires.

The journey to realize your intentions begins within -- in the operating system of your mind -- through 4 specific mindsets that make the essential difference to your success.

These 4 mindsets allow you to adapt to the “new normal” in business and shift into behaviors that support you to be new and better in business!

Empowered Business Mindsets

Your development of these 4 Empowered Business Mindsets determine how well you can:

  • Move through your day, so you stay energized
  • Respond under pressure, so you make good decisions
  • Face fears, so you take action
  • Manage stress, so you stay healthy
  • Adapt and stay resilient, so you create new and better business results

And as you develop these 4 Empowered Business Mindsets, you:

  • Hold the keys to unlock success with your goals
  • Stay in the zone for peak performance each day
  • Maintain your goal orientation and…

Successfully navigate toward the future you desire.

The creator of this 6-module video program is Dr. Paul Scheele. He helps entrepreneurs, executives, and leaders from around the world develop rapid expertise for high performance.

His work supports those who must develop and maintain a distinct advantage in their fields. This requires them to master their thoughts, emotions, and actions, especially in stressful situations.


Now, you can conquer your challenges, reinvigorate your energy, and overcome your worries, as you develop the 4 Empowered Business Mindsets. This program emerged from Dr. Scheele’s 40 years of expertise in personal and professional development.

Dr. Scheele designed this program for you to make necessary changes happen with greater ease and grace as you effectively handle physical, emotional, and mental challenges.

Th program also helps you overcome feeling vulnerable, fears of failure, limiting thoughts, and the 3 big fears of being unworthy, unsupported, and unsafe.

As you develop a mindset of courageous commitment to go after your goal, this triggers your ignition switch to succeed.

Once you start with a courageous commitment, you can build competence, generate a sense of contentment, and develop self-confidence. This cycle recharges, refreshes, and enables you to start anew each day and take the next step towards your goal.

This course includes:

  • An introduction video module to learn how to learn most successfully, so you can apply new knowledge and skills automatically.
  • A special goal setting video module to bring heightened clarity and sustained focus to your specific goals.
  • 4 video modules that give you an in-depth understanding of how to develop the 4 Empowered Business Mindsets, so you gain maximum benefits.
  • 4 audio mediations to support your nonconscious mind with the 4 Empowered Business Mindsets.


Dr. Scheele guides you through the steps to develop four essential mindsets for success in any project, endeavor, and business. The audio meditations help you embody and experience these four mindsets each day.

This video program shows you how to realize the success and abundance you choose to create through these 4 Empowered Business Mindsets:

  1. The Empowered Business Mindset of Courageous Commitment develops your ability to face the 3 biggest fears that commonly trip up even the most successful people. Once a fleeting sense of fear hits, feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or stress arise and procrastination, avoidance, self-sabotage, and errors of judgment can steer you away from your desired goals.
  2. The Empowered Business Mindset of Competence Building encourages your commitment to lifelong learning and skill development. To succeed requires continual learning, practice, and new skills to build greater competence and expertise.
  3. The Empowered Business Mindset of Contentment avoids the downfall that accompanies a sense of never enough success and the longing for more. These feelings of insufficiency sneak up and lead to burnout, greed, and a lack of balance between work and life.
  4. The Empowered Business Mindset of Confidence in Self cultivates belief in yourself, your goals and action plans, and in your knowledge and skills. As you develop greater confidence, you experience a relentless knowing that you are going to be okay—whatever happens.

When you invest in the Empowered Business Mindsets Program you learn how to:

  • Master your thoughts, emotions, and actions, so you develop rapid expertise and maintain high performance.
  • Be agile as you move through your day, respond to stressful situations, face your fears, and adapt as you maintain your resilience, so you can stay focused and succeed.
  • Quickly get in the zone for peak performance and maintain a goal orientation, so you can skillfully navigate and fulfill your intentions.
  • Have higher levels of courage, competence, contentment, and confidence which work together create success and prosperity, so you achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose.
  • Deal with the fears that can trip you along the way and affect how your brain works and the actions you take, which enables you to take the next steps to success.
  • Overcome feelings of overwhelm in a quick and easy process, so you get your priorities handled with a calm and resourceful mind.
  • Build your competence, so you develop your expertise and experience what you want in your work and life.
  • Avoid the “never enough trap” and transform feelings of insufficiency, so you can experience more peace and joy each day.
  • Stop the frustration of wanting to control what is beyond your control, so you can adjust to turbulent changes and continue to skillfully navigate to greater success and prosperity.
  • Increase your effectiveness and efficiency, so you can grow your wealth and well-being.
  • Resolve the internal dilemmas created by the brain’s built-in immunity to change, so you can make changes with greater ease.
  • Improve your social skills, so you build relationships that support your growth and achievement.
  • Have a relentless knowing, so you keep the faith to pursue the future with robust energy and focus.

Are you ready to overcome your challenges, worries, and burnout?

Now, is the best time to develop your own Empowered Business Mindsets!

Begin your journey to develop the mindsets that support your success and abundance.

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