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​​The Natural Brilliance book shows you Dr. Paul Scheele’s success model...

This model is embedded in his more advanced work and he uses it as he mentors and coaches C-suite executives and entrepreneurs.

The Natural Brilliance Home Study Course teaches the concepts from the book and provides powerful exercises to apply the model and support your success.

Here is an overview of what is within the Natural Brilliance Book:

  • How to overcome oscillations in the pursuit of your goals.
  • How to break through your stuck states to achieve goals more quickly.
  • Why you stay in the status quo despite the problems it creates.
  • How to confront what stops you from success.
  • How to take small steps to succeed and be in balance.

As you explore this transformational book on success, you discover 3 attitudes that will propel your ability to make progress. This includes how you can be receptive to your own genius capacities and create new options. As you make progress, you can learn how to confront your fears and persist in the direction of your goals.

When you activate your Natural Brilliance, you can solve dilemmas through your whole mind which includes your nonconscious mind. This helps you trust your mind and apply creative problem-solving to situations that thwart your success.

This Natural Brilliance book also shares how you can:

  • Eliminate self-sabotage so your internal dialogue supports your success.
  • Use your dreams to figure out how to make progress with your goals.
  • Strengthen the connection between your mind and body so your thoughts become more congruent with the necessary actions.
  • Breathe with a technique twice a day to clear your energy and be optimized for each day and evening.
  • Overcome emotional, perceptual, cultural, and environmental barriers that keep you stuck so you can act and make your goals a reality.
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